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Caught the Back-To-Work Plague


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When I came in to work on Monday, it was pretty evident that my boss had a horrid cold - she went home after lunch after having been sneezing and blowing up a storm all morning. She was back on Wednesday, still with a congested voice and blowing a lot, but she was a lot better.

On Thursday my colleague H was complaining of a sore throat and was sniffling a lot on Friday at lunch... And since I had the sniffles last week, I figured I'd be safe. Right? Right!?

Yeah, wrong.

It started at about 11 am when I started getting that weird feeling in my throat, you know the one that hints that it's going to get worse before it gets better? By 2 pm that was definitely a sore throat. By 2:30 pm, I started sneezing, which hurt, by the way, and by 8 pm, I'm getting that coldy feeling in my nose.

Might turn into an interesting week. Will keep you posted in this thread how it turns out.

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Yeah, most definitely a proper head cold.

Was a bit feverish at work, so I went home early. After that my nose just exploded! Not so much sneezing, but I am stuffed up to kingdom come and I've been blowing my nose so much I could do an advert for cold meds. It's just silly.

Staying home from work tomorrow, as I work with the elderly. They really don't need to catch this! *lol*

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