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Anyone into sneezy roleplay?


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I totally am! biggrin.png I'll shoot you a PM, see if you'd like to~

Edit because I tried to shoot you a PM, but I guess pending members can't use it. xD Um, think you could email me? My email's on my page, I just don't know how I'd go about contacting you~ xD If you'd like, anyway, I'm up to rp pretty much anything. ^^

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@Galaxy: Pending members can't view profiles, that's why they can't receive private messages. So he nor I can view your profile to get your email.

@lovelylovexoxo: I would love to RP with you, but I can't view your profile to get your email address and it is against the rules for me or you to post our email addresses where everybody can see. -_-;

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Ohh, okay, how could I have missed that? xD Hah, sorry, lovely, I didn't notice it, I guess I was looking in the wrong place. ^^; I'll shoot you an email now~

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Anyone that has been validated should be able to access your profile page, anyone that has not been validated cannot.

Pending and below cannot view profiles, posters and above can view profiles. Since your at pending like me, you can't view any profiles, including your own.

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We could try and perform an open group RP like this. http://sneezefurs.org/index.php?topic=754.0

But those can run into problems, such as that one did. If people suddenly loose interest or forget that can put a stop to the RP all together.

That is the only way I think we could perform an RP on here.

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If you want to give it a try then I will gladly participate.

Do you mind having furry/anthro character in your role play, or do you want to keep it strictly human.

I figure I better ask before we start anything. <3

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I'm up for roleplaying, but probably not until you get access to private messages. I'm not too comfortable with using my email address with people on this forum, save for one or two exceptions, sorry.

But, as I said, when you're allowed access to PMs, I'd be happy to roleplay through that.

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I'm into roleplay...........colds, allergies, yes yes. I'm ... (I'm a grown woman, I'll post my e-mail address if I want to) so just shoot me an e-mail or get me on Yahoo messenger.

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If you are interested in "forum style" roleplay (full sentences instead of the use of *[insert what the character does]*), we do have a separate forum for that stuff.


If you want instant "chat style" roleplaying you could always create a room in tiny chat (a permanent one with a name and all) that you can go and hang around in hoping someone might pop in before you leave. In case you are bending members or so. It might work, right?

And yes, I am interested in roleplaying, I just might not have too much time for it now. But if you don't mind having to wait a bit longer for replies PM if you can. I also am in chatango (my screenname there is Vampyreninat and don't try telling me that this would be too personal information to be posted on the forums) which is a good place to rp, in my opinion.

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I totally am, no matter it'd be myself or someone else.

Especially since I'm nursing a cold right now.

Sneezy role plays tend to produce real sneezes for me.

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As I said a while ago, I prefer to do roleplays in chat, on the roleplay forum, or through PM's. So, I suppose while this topic is being bumped anyway, I'll put myself with the 'PM me if you want to roleplay' gang, since I don't really go into chat anymore.

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