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just T again!


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So this was about a week ago from my ex bf T. Mostly ab him but 3 others i noticed.

1. T and I were sitting at youth group and we listening to the pastor talk whem i notice his breath start to hitch.. he took the the collor of his shirt and put half his face in it and sneezed this really adorable "hetchee!!" Have stifle have full becuz he was trying to be quiet... i looked at him and his eyes were squinted, his nostrils flared, mouth open ready for another sneeze... but this tine fully becuz he couldnt hold it in... i told him bless you.

2. We were at worship practice and he was singing alone when he stopped and turned away really fast ad sneezed:) it was kida of cute even him bein myex. Everybody blessed him.

3. Was my friend C. We were talking and he tutned away and sneezed a loud double. Bless him!

4. Was my other friend R. We were in woodshop and with a whole bunch of dust flying around he sneezed down to the ground... " hechaw hetcheaww" sorta with a growl after each one..

That was my obs lol:)

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