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A day in the rain is worth a few in bed


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Okay! I've got major writer's block on a part of a trade I'm working on, so I decided to try and unstick myself by writing a little story about The Fonz (From Happy Days), and my character, Meg. I hope you guys enjoy! Sorry to say, the first part doesn't have any sneezing yet.


Hair soaked, Arthur Fonzarelli walked down the street. "'Ey! Short Stuff! Where ya at?"

Rain poured down, and poured down hard. For Meg, this was no big deal. She loved the rain. She loved being out in it, she loved dancing in it, but what she loved most about rain was the way it could make her feel chilled to the bone, and yet warm and fuzzy at the same time.

On this particular day, Meg and Fonzie had gone out for a walk. It'd started to rain, and Meg had been ecstatic. She'd bounced along, next to Fonzie and giggle as her clothes became more and more soaked through. Right before they had gotten to the Cunningham house-- more specifically Fonzie's place above it-- Meg grabbed him and pulled him down to kiss her. He couldn't help but think how gorgeous she had been at that moment, her red hair down out of her usual bow, her blue eyes shining... A second before their lips touched, she giggled and whispered in his ear.

"Ya want a kiss? Come and catch me, Loverboy!" Then she sprinted off in the opposite direction, hair flowing behind her. The chick was crazy, but sweet.

And that was how Fonzie wound up here, soaking wet, roaming the streets and calling out for his girl.

A giggle was heard from around the corner, and Meg poked her head out from an alleyway as Fonzie moved towards her, slowly. He drew nearer to her, an eyebrow raised and a smirk on his lips. Once he got close enough she turned to run again, but he caught her wrist firmly, "Gotcha!"

Meg squealed and giggled as he puller her close to him, taking hold of the back of her head forcefully, yet gently, and kissing her straight on the lips. Everything inside of her went crazy. Her pulse quickened, her stomach had butterflies. She was near close to a puddle of mesh when he let the kiss go.

"There's your kiss, Short Stuff. Whoa!" He smirked, loving the sparkling of her eyes. "Now c'mon, let's go home."

"Sounds like a plan!" She smiled, shivering slightly. Fonzie took notice and began to take his leather

jacket off.

"Here ya go." He draped the large jacket around her small shoulders and held her close to himself, enjoying the feeling of the rain.

Of course, the walk to the Cunningham's house took quite a while, and by time they had even gone halfway, Fonzie felt frozen.

"I dunno how you c'n stand it, Meg."

"Stand what?" She looked up at him, blinking innocently.

"Bein' that soakin' wet! I'm already freezing."

"Aw," she cooed, "Turnin' into a Fonzcicle on me, huh?" With a small giggle and stood on her toes and planted a kiss on his cheek.

Fonzie smirked and put an arm around her. "At least we're almost home."

The walk lasted another 10 minutes or so, and when they finally got back into the garage apartment, they were both soaked beyond soaked. A quick change of clothes and the pair fell asleep to the sound of the steady rain outside, cuddling each other to say warm.

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There is indeed more coming! ^^

Also, for those of you who don't know what the greatness that is Fonzie looks like, here, have this hunk of attractive.



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The next morning Meg woke up to find that Fonzie wasn't next to her where she had thought he was. She was by herself.

She shrugged it off, and went to get dressed. Her purple and green nightgown was nice and all, but it just wouldn't be right to go around wearing it all day. As much as she would've liked to. She went to Fonzie's closet and pulled out the bag that had her clothes in it. She pulled a green shirt, a black skirt, then a belt and scarf to finish off the outfit.

After getting dressed, brushing her hair and then putting it up, Meg headed downstairs and walked around to the front of the house, like she always did and knocked before entering the living room of the Cunningham household.

"Good morning, Mr. Cunningham sir!" Meg smiled as she made her way towards the kitchen.

"Hm?" Howard Cunningham looked up from his newspaper and saw the smallish girl, "Oh, good morning, Megan."

"Is Fonzie down here?"

"He's in the kitchen with Marion."

"Oh, good! Thank you, sir!"

Mr. C turned back to his newspaper and shook his head, "Maybe you can talk some sense into him."

She blinked and was going to ask what he meant by that, but decided to let him go back to his reading. Walking into the kitchen, the first thing Meg saw was Marion on one side of the table, with Fonzie sitting on the other. Fonzie was turned with his back to the door, facing Mrs. C.

"Good morning everyone!" Meg smiled.

"Oh, good morning, dear!" Marion said, brightening up, "Why don't you have a seat next to Arthur? I can make you both some breakfast!"

Meg was going to decline, but her stomach growling quickly caught her off guard. "Hm," She said quietly, "I guess I am kinda hungry..." She took the seat next to Fonzie, and noticed something... Off about him.

Fonzie was sitting sort of slouched over, his head resting in his hand. His eyes were tired and barely open, and he kept sniffling. But still when his eyes made contact with Meg's, he smiled. "G'mornin', Short Stuff." He said, using his affectionately teasing nickname for her.

"Morning," Meg said, taking note of the slightly nasal tone to his voice, "Are you alright, Fonz?"

"'Course I'm alright. I'm just a little tired. Like you were last night." He smirked, remembering how she had yawned cutely every few minutes and rested her head on him, continuously shifting position. He couldn't help thinking that she was adorable, even though she denied any claim of the sort.

Meg blushed, biting her lip, "Are you sure you're okay?" She took her hand and placed it on the side of his face, tilting it toward her, "You don't look it."

"Oh? And how DO I look?"

Meg blushed and opened her mouth to reply, but she quickly stopped when she heard Fonzie take in a breath.


Fonzie turned away from Meg, pulling out of her grip, and stifled the sneeze, his nose scrunching slightly with the thick sniffle that followed.

"Bless you again, Arthur!" Marion said, turning back towards him with a hand on her hip. Even though she wasn't Fonzie's mother, she seemed to really care for him as if he were her own son.

"Thanks Mrs. C." This was followed by another sniffle.

'Bless you AGAIN?' Meg thought to herself.

"Fonzie," Meg said, her wide blue eyes meeting his tired brown ones, "You caught a cold from last night, didn't you?"

Fonzie shook his head, his nose twitching slightly. "Nah, I'm fine. I-- Iehh.... HehhSH'CHh! HussSHAh!"

Meg's expression softened as he sniffled a few times. She put a cool hand on his forehead, then brought her hand down to his cheek. "Awh, Fonz. You're sick."

Fonzie pulled away from her grip and coughed a bit before protesting. "I ain't sick, Short Stuff." He stood from the table and looked to Marion. "Mrs. C, I'm gonna haffta skip out on breakfast. I'm already late for work."

"Work?" Meg piped up, also standing, "You're not seriously going to work like this, are you?"

"Like what? I toldja, I'm fine!" And as if to squarely prove him wrong, he felt his nose tickling. He rubbed at it to try and make the itching sensation go away, but it didn't help. Hw had to try to hold it back. "I-- hhhuh... I'm going to w... whhh... W-work, and that's fiii.... iiihh....." He sniffled, "Final." He took his thermos from Marion before walking out the door, only to have a fit of sneezes overtake him. "HHUaSHhOO! HeSsHHAh! H'xTsshHOO! Ugh."

From inside the kitchen, Meg sat back down in her chair and spoke quietly. "I love him, I just wish he wasn't so... Stubborn."

Marion smiled a bit sympathetically as she sat by Meg's side, setting down the eggs, toast, and bacon in front of her. "I know he can be difficult," She said softly, reassuringly with her motherly voice, "But he'll come to his senses eventually and stay in bed."

"Oh, I'll get him to stay in bed..." Meg said, an idea already forming in the back of her crafty mind, "I'll get him to stay there even if I have to hold him down myself."

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