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login issues

The Dude

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The new software allows you to see yourself when you are logged on as invisible, with a * next to your name. However, other members can't see you in the active users list, and neither can you see the other members that are logged on invisibly.

Am afraid I can't help you with the other problem. Have tried to edit my profile and I can see all the options. Where exactly does the error occur. When pressing the edit button on when you try and save the changes?

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Thanks Siggy, that clears things up a bit. I was wondering what was up with the little asterisk thingie... I thought it meant I was extra th-th-thpecial. :)

When I try to change or delete my user title, it goes straight to the error screen.

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Yes, actually. Everything works great, except now the User Title option is gone completely. :laugh:

Also, the smilies are all out of alphabetical order.

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Sorry Dude, I should have been more clear blushing.gif What I meant was the database error should now be resolved, however it was the mod allowing you to change your title that was causing the error in the first place, hence why the option isn't there any longer! I'm looking at bringing in a more up to date version of the mod that should be compatible.

As for the smilies, I'll look into it but if it comes down to rearranging their order manually I'm not sure I'll have the patience for that! :laugh:

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