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Fall Allergies


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Okay, the title is kind of misleading, but the cause seems like fall allergies to me. Anyway, let's start.

I was walking to English class with my friend, Cidney. She is in AP and I'm not so we had to go our separate ways. Anyway, I walk up to the door to open it and there he is. I don't know what his name is because I never talk to him, but for this observation lets call him Chris. So back to what I was saying, I walk up to the door to open it and there Chris is mid-sneeze. He is standing up there to get a tissue because he's sneezing, I believe, because that's where they are located in the room. Chris is mid-sneeze that seems to have caught him off guard, then he grabs a few tissues and sneezes, and that's when I walk in. He moves to let me through while blowing his nose, and I go to my desk which is in a pod with three others. Thankfully, my desk faces where tissues are and where he is sitting! He sneezes again, wipes his nose, then sits down when the bell rings. I notice that his face is red/pinkish and seems to be a bit swollen which led me to believe it was allergies. Anyway, class goes on and nothing really spectacular happens.

In my English class, we are reading The Crucible and in the middle of reading it as a class, he starts to sneeze again. He sneezes a few times, and the girl that is sitting across for him asks him if he alright which he replies by nodding. Chris sneezes some more and the people in his pod laugh at his discomfort, but not in a mean way at all. He laughs, too, gets up, goes to the tissues, gets a few, sneezes, blows and wipes his nose, repeats the process, throws those tissues away, grabs a few more to wipe his eyes, throws those away, and sits back down. I can see water marks down his cheeks. That's where the sneezing ends, sadly. I can't spell sneezes, but they were forceful yet contained. They weren't obnoxious at all nor scream sneezes either. They were quite enjoyable.

I hope you liked this! This is my first really great sneeze event, if it's called that, and it was a good one.

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I loved it, thanks!

i remember the crucible. it's actually pretty good. although i liked Catcher in the Rye a lot more. i LOVE that book..

hopefully he will sneeze soon again! :D

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