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So many blessings!


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Today I got to my astronomy lecture early and sat in the middle of a row of seats. There was an empty chair to my left, then a girl, then another empty chair, and then a girl sitting at the end of the row. Suddenly the girl at the end of the row let out a rather harsh sounding half stifled sneeze (sorry I can't spell it!) The girl in the middle said, "Bless you." About a minute later she sneezed again, two harsh stifles similar to the first, and the middle girl blessed her again. Apparently my nose felt left out, because all of a sudden, it started to tickle, and a couple seconds later, I sneezed. This time the girl in the middle looked my way and once again said, "Bless you."

"Thanks," I replied. Then I laughed a little and said, "Jeez, between the two of us..." indicating the other sneezy girl. The middle girl laughed too.

That was it for sneezing from the other girl and me, but toward the end of the lecture, I heard a lovely, wet, not-to-loud male sneeze from somewhere behind me. It was sort of like, "Hehtsssh!" and fairly urgent sounding, but of course I couldn't turn around!

I wonder if it's fall allergies, or if people are getting sick because the weather has been cold and rainy...?

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Sneezing and astronomy?!? Somehow you have managed to combine two of my most favourite topics into one delightful obs. Lecture theatres tend to provide some of the best sneezy situations :)

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