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Three of my female friends


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Hi, everyone! This is my first post. Just saw that, after multiple tries over the past year, I'm finally in. C:

Anyway, I suppose I'll tell you about a little vacation I had with my friends a few weeks ago. Let's call them A, E, and G. A has dirty blond, short-ish hair and green/blue eyes. So pretty. E has long, wavy, blond hair and blue/gray eyes. She's adorable. G has brown, shoulder-length-ish hair and deep blue eyes. One word: cuuuute! This vacation took place in Cape Cod, at E's grandparents' house. I haven't known them for very long, and I was hoping that I would get to hear at least one of them sneeze during this vacation. I was incredibly lucky, and got to hear all three of them. E's grandparents have a cat, and both E and G happen to be allergic to cats. E's sneeze is half-stifled. It sounds like: "ahh-n!-tchehw!" G's is almost completely stifled, stopping in the nose. "h-nkh!" And A had JUST been getting over a cold, so I heard her a couple of times, too. "AhhKehoou!"

Unfortunately, I ended up catching A's cold by the end of the trip, but I never had the urge to sneeze. Overall, I was unbelievably lucky during this trip.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed my first ob!

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