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Proof that non-fetishists are completely oblivious


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I recently told my boyfriend about the fetish and he had a very neutral to positive reaction. I talked about it quite a bit but he didn't really seem curious to know any more and has since not really brought it up so I haven't either. We were in NYC together last weekend and on several occasions while walking around witnessed people sneezing. Once we were standing on a corner waiting to cross and a guy standing right next to us sneezed about 4 times really loudly. He didn't seem to notice...at least he didn't say anything and neither did I. Then the other night we were on the phone and he sneezed 3 times. He is one of those people who just keeps on talking immediately after as if nothing happened and often does not acknowledge a blessing so I typically don't give one. So yesterday we were talking on the phone again and he said, "I thought of you earlier today. I turned the heat on in my car and I sneezed like 7 times." Then he said something that totally blew me away. He said he didn't think he had ever sneezed in front of me before. I didn't even know how to respond. I've heard him sneeze at least 30 times since we've met!! I can recall pretty much every scenario and number of times in each instance. I can't believe that he is so oblivious to it that he doesn't even realize he's done it in front of me. Each and every time has been a big deal to me. So I guess it just proves that most people really don't give sneezing a second thought---how strange! ;)

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Yes, when you've been a life long sneeze fetishist its difficult to get into a non-fetishist's mind set, and its undoubtedly difficult, probably more so, for them to get into ours.

We develop an almost encyclopedic knowledge of every person's sneeze that we regularly see, whether we want to or not. When we are out and about we notice EVERY sneeze and remember and mentally record all those which aroused us. As far as I know, no other group human beings do that, its totally unique to us as a group.

I would imagine a foot fetishist might remember every time they'd seen someone take off their shoes and socks in public, yet I, and probably we, have no memory whatsoever of those occasions, although we've probably witnessed that event many times, and I guess a non-sneeze feishist would have that same lack of memory recall for sneezing.

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It's really strange to think of, isn't it? And on the one hand I wouldn't want people to know how clearly I'd 'recorded' each and every instance, but at the same time the fact that they don't notice is reassuring. Every time it happens it's easy to freak out on the inside, worry about whether people can tell you're reacting, but for most people it's the furthest thing from their minds. It kind of makes me wonder what sort of stuff I do that other people notice much more than I have.

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That's true and when people are talking about sneezes and they mention how they think other people sneeze, I secretly think to myself that they all sound like idiots getting all their facts wrong. There was a girl in my old school who probably sneezes 20 times a day, really loudly and she never tries to hold it in. Even though everyone heard her sneezing all the time, it took some people ages to acknowledge how much she sneezes and how loud she is. They all seem like idiots when you have the mindset of a sneeze fetishist.

Speaking of that girl, I think her boyfriend has a sneeze fetish. You would also have to be a sneeze fetishist to notice that. He always comments when girls sneeze but seems uncomfortable seeing boys sneeze or sneezing himself in front of people. He also turns and watches girls sneezing.

She said I was peng once (that means good-looking) and I used to catch her looking at me all the time before she got a boyfriend but I didn't get round to asking her out.

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I am experiencing this differently, I told my best friend about the fetish and now every time we hear someone sneeze around us she looks at me with the kind of face that says "did you enjoy that?"

She's paying way more attention to it now that she knows about it.

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I know exactly what you mean, flower. It seems hard to comprehend, for people like us who are so tuned into sneezing and the fetish, that there are so many other people out there who just don't give it a second thought. Even Tiger is like that a lot of the time, and he's known about my fetish for 2 and a half years now. There are times when, like your boyfriend, he will sneeze and it does register...and he will comment on it (or tell me about it later if I'm not there when it happened). But there are many more times when he will sneeze and it just doesn't register with him at all unless I happen to be within earshot and decide to bless him for it. To be honest though, there have been times when I've heard him sneeze and deliberately NOT blessed him, just to see if he's noticed his own sneeze, but half the time he doesn't. Then later on that day I might casually ask him if he's sneezed at all that day, and more often than not, he says he doesn't know/can't remember, etc.

The same works with hearing other people sneeze. Sometimes he will notice mine and bless me, which he knows I love, but there are plenty of other times when I can sneeze several times right in front of him and it gets no response, it will just go right over his head. I think it's like that for him when other people sneeze around him as well, he rarely notices (unless it's someone like his brother who has the loudest and most obnoxious sneeze in existence). So yeah, very strange...like Joal says, it never ceases to amaze me......

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