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Hey can I have some help me with my mental block?


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Well, for a while now there's been a nasty bug going around my swim team. Guess who finally caught it!:D me! I'm kind of excited but kind of not. I don't like having this mental block, I can't even tell my parents I'm sick and I can't take any Meds. But, I'll be at school most of the time and then practice. (: right now, my throat just hurts really bad, and my nose is running a little bit. No sneezing yet. I tried to induce it out, but no luck. I think it's gonna be mostly a coughing type cold.im really afraid to blow my nose in class though. /: can someone help me with my mental block?

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soldier on with that mentality and dont pause to think or you wont go through with the blow/ telling parents, etc.

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I know lots of people who leave the room to blow their nose. If you can't do that, go and stand by a bin, blow your nose, put the tissue in the bin and go back to your seat- but don't make eye contact with anyone whatsoever, don't smile, don't talk and you will find it a lot easier. If someone talks to you, finish blowing your nose before you respond.

Tell your parents that there has been a bug going around and they might ask you if you caught it, which should make it easier for you to tell them.

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If I ever needed to blow my nose in school I'd excuse myself and go do it in a bathroom stall. This might work unless you have really strict teachers that don't let you go to the bathroom during their class.

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