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Well, I am coming to the end of my first sickness since I've been back to school. I've been so busy, but I wanted to pop on and let everyone interested know about my back to school sickness. Not any sneezing, but lots of coughing, fever, lost voice and other symptoms.

It started last week Thursday with a slight sore throat. As a teacher, most of my day is spent talking, so my voice never had time to rest. By the end of the day Thursday I felt so drained, but thought I was just being over worked. I went to bed with the hopes of feeling better after a good nights sleep. My body had other plans ...

On Friday morning I woke up feel awful. I had the chills, my sore throat was significantly worse and I felt lots of drainage in the back of my throat. School was rough that day. I just had to power through. The kids are generally so good when they know a teacher isn't feeling well (as long as they like him or her) so the entire day when it would get too noisy the kids would say, "Come on, get quiet ... she doesn't feel good!" So sweet. After school on Friday I went home and had a fever. I cuddled up in bed and was asleep at 8:00 and slept until 11:30 the next day! You know you are sick when you sleep that long ...

On Saturday things became worse, so I went to the doctor. I had strep. I was given an antibiotic and told to rest up, which I did the rest of the weekend.

Fast Forward

Monday I woke up still feeling icky, and by now my voice was completely gone. I had started to become congested and was blowing wet nose blows frequently. I had a fever on and off the entire week, but because I am a horrible patient and work myself to death I continued to go to school. My voice was gone, I often would have to lay my head on my desk because I felt so lousy, and then the continuous coughing started. I don't think I went longer than 5 minutes without coughing. Finally, after almost a full week of this, a good friend of mine convinced me I needed to stay home. I put up a fight but he was persistant. I finally agreed to take half a day so I could sleep in and go to work in the afternoon.

After work on Friday I went back to the doctor. She diagnosed me with bronchitis and a sinus infection. She said, "You poor thing! No wonder you feel so lousy! Your lungs sound so depleted, your tonsils are huge, and the inside of your nose is so inflamed." She prescribed another antibiotic, an inhaler, nose spray and some amazing cough meds with codine.

After a week and 3 days I am starting to feel better. My voice is coming back, I don't have a fever anymore, and the coughing is FINALLY starting to die down (that was the worst of it). Unfortunately, I seemed to sneeze less than my usual with this sickness, which I found unsual, but my regular sneeziness seems to be picking back up too! This illness was a doosey, and I'm glad to be (almost) over it!

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Awwww, isn't strep a b*tch? My ex had it and then gave it to the whole grade :lmfao: sorry you're suffering, hope you feel better

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Oh my gosh, Lalena! You poor thing <3 I do love reading about suffering through it, though! I'm glad you're on the mend :)

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yeah i agree, coughing is terrible; i mean it can hurt so much

at least when you just have a nose cold (even if its really messy) snot doesnt hurt and is easy to deal with {providing you remember your hanky that day}

get better soon ;)

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