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Help! My boyfriend won't sneeze!

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So a while ago I told my boyfriend about my fetish and he was really sweet about it, he actually wants to be involved in it by making himself sneeze.

Wonderful right?

Only one problem, of course I end up with the guy with the least sensitive nose ever!

I've only ever heard about three natural sneezes of his in the two months we've been together.

We also tried inducing in several ways but nothing seems to do anything for him.

So any tips as to how we can make this happen?

He really wants to do this for me but we can't figure out a way how to make him sneeze.


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I know my bf doesn't have a sensitive nose either but a clothes tag thing (like the skinny black or clear thing) always works on him unless he's been inducing a lot!

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We have tried inducing with a tissue and pepper. Furthermore all the stuff like peppermint and that but it doesn't work.

What do you mean exactly with sneeze tags? And what about the clothes tag thing? Not sure what you mean by that :)

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They mean the plastic loop that holds the price tag on a new piece of clothing. Cut it off and use one end. My bf responds very well to the wood part (bottom) of an incense stick.

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I second the clothes tag thing. You know the plastic filaments that hold price tags onto new clothing items? You use that to tickle the inside of the nostril. My boyfriend uses a metal chopstick, but he's weird like that :P

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That's wonderful that you have a willing partner! Is he allergic to anything that you know of? (or is that bad form, I'm new around here) :)

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Oh cool, I will try the clothing tag thing :D maybe that will work. Thank you guys :D

Any other tips are still welcome of course :D


Yeah I am really happy about the way he accepts my fetish and even wants to participate in it.

He is not allergic unfortunately :(

Airconditioning apparently makes him sneeze but unfortunately there is no airconditioning in his house or mine :(

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