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I didn't get too much homework this week so I thought I'd hurry and write this before I get swamped. As the title says, it's a Justin Bieber cold fic. It could be a little far-fetched but I thought I'd play around a little. Please give me feedback, criticism is always welcome. Hope you enjoy biggrin.png

Justin pulled his hood over his head to protect his tousled brown hair from the harsh wind. The icy breeze pierced his sensitive skin like daggers as he squinted his watery eyes to see where he was going. He wiped a tear from his right eye with the sleeve of his hoodie that was wrapped over his fist before approaching the drug store. It was bustling with customers of various ages, all surrounding the section that Justin was aiming for. The cold and flu aisle.

His security team were close but he had convinced them that if they entered too they’d only draw unnecessary attention. They reluctantly surrendered and waited by the car. He pushed open the heavy glass door before stepping inside, the warm air snuggling him tightly. The smell of cleanliness danced around his pink nostrils as he secured his hood tightly in order to avoid getting stopped by any rabid fans. Not that he didn’t appreciate their efforts, after all, without them he wouldn’t have achieved so much in the last few years, however today he wasn’t particularly in the mood considering he felt awful.

He had been awake for half of the night, unable to sleep peacefully because no matter which angle he lay, his sinuses would instantly block, preventing him from breathing. An annoying tickle had also been present, causing him to cough until his throat was raw. Whatever sleep he had managed to get was obviously not enough because his head pounded.

Justin had spent all day at a boring meeting with his manager, his nose persistently running. He had to use the sleeve of his hoodie to dab under his nostrils until he gratefully received a box of tissues. Thankfully everyone could plainly see that Justin was sick and let him leave early although he couldn’t for the life of him understand how he had contracted any symptoms. He knew that cold season had arrived but he had taken great care to avoid catching anything. He washed his hands regularly, ate a balanced diet and avoided anyone with the germs. He couldn’t afford to get sick, not in his line of work. If he was suffering, the fans would too. However, the universe (or his immune system) had decided that yes, it was time for Justin to receive a sniffly, wet cold despite his efforts. So now he was here, approaching a large group of people surrounding shelves of tablets and medicines, all desperate to rid themselves of the viruses.

Justin edged his way forwards to read the information written on cards next to the products. He had to bend over which caused the warm liquid to trickle out of his nostrils slightly. He sniffed wetly a few times, the congestion rattling in his dainty nose. Suddenly a strong tickle formed at the back of his sinuses, blurring his vision for a few seconds. His eyelashes fluttered as he cupped his sleeve-covered hands to his face.

“Heh-Iisshhiiugh!! *sniff* Huh-EEiischiuww!! *SNIFF*”

He desperately hoped that he was unnoticed as he ensured that his sneezes weren't executed too messily. It seemed that the majority of people in this aisle were sniffing, almost identical to him anyway. He pulled his hands away and sighed as he continued to read various boxes, struggling to decide which one would benefit him the most. His inflamed, red nostrils were burning now as he rubbed his nose in a circular motion with his fabric covered knuckles. The familiar itch returned as he steadily positioned the back of his hand under his nose. He could feel the warmth of the liquid seeping through the material before he was overcome with the ferocity in which his body was attempting to rid him of the germs.

“Heh-Eechiuuh!! Heh….huh…HA-ISHIEWW!!”

He lost his balance and almost fell into the shelves before tightly scrunching his nose to avoid sneezing again. He sniffed thickly which did nothing to reduce the speed in which the snot was leaking out of his irritated nose. Enough of this, let’s just get something and leave, thought Justin, now somewhat agitated by the attention he was drawing. He clasped a box of Lemsip, paracetemol and a packet of tissues before turning towards the end of the aisle. He was in a daze, exhausted by the lack of sleep and irritated by his inability to breathe. He lifted his hoodie slightly to cover his mouth as he coughed miserably. He continued towards the cashier holding his collection of products when suddenly he walked directly into a girl with long dark hair. They both dropped what they were holding with the force of the collision. She turned quickly to face him and apologized as he crouched to retrieve his stuff. He looked up at her, now pulled out if his trance and hurriedly replied that it was his fault. They both smiled, slightly embarrassed as they sorted through the muddle of products on the floor.

“I’b sorry, I wasnd’t really concendtratig, *sniff*,” explained Justin as he picked up his Lemsip.

“No, no. It was my fault too. I should have moved out of the way…” said the girl as she peered through her dark hair that had fallen in front of her eyes. She brushed it behind her ear to take a better look. Justin’s hood had fallen, revealing his identity. The male in front of her was sniffing and pale but there was no doubt about it. This was Justin Bieber! He finished picking up his things before he acknowledged that she had frozen.

“Y-you’re J-Justin B-Bieber!!” she managed as she dropped the products she had collected.

“Ssshhh!!!” he whispered as he pulled his hood over his head once again and looked around to see if anyone had noticed.

*sniff* Yeah I’b Justin Bieber. *sniff* I’b tryig to keep it quiet in here though because I have to get hombe *sniffle*”

“You’re sick too huh?” asked the girl as she pulled him to his feet.

*sniff* yeah, it sucks. That’s why I’b gettig mbedication, *snffle*” he replied, pinching his nose with his forefinger and thumb.

“Hold ond, excuse be for a sec -huh-“ struggled Justin as his breath hitched. He turned his head away from her slightly and tilted it towards the bright light in order to coax the sneeze out.

Huh-Chiuww! *snffle* Sorry *sniff*” he apologized sheepishly as he turned to face her again.

“Bless you. You don’t have to apologize. It’s not your fault,” she smiled as she regained her composure. For some reason she wasn’t actually star-stricken. She had come to realize that Justin Bieber was a normal human being in the space of a few minutes. Justin forced a smile back at her, his stinging, chapped lips an inflamed red. He bent over to pick up her stuff. Oddly enough, she was also getting cold and flu medication. He offered the box tightly gripped by his strong hands to the pretty girl in front of him but he was hit once again by the familiar desperate need to sneeze. Both of his hands were full but the urge was unbearable. He had no option but to direct his sneeze into his arm and hope that it would get covered.

Ish-iieeww! *sniff* I’b sorry againd. It’s this stupid cold. You probably kndow whad I’b talkig about,” said Justin as he referred to the medication box.

“Bless you. Oh no, this isn’t for me. My family are sick so I said I’d pick something up on my way home from work,” replied the girl as she took the box from his hand.

Unfortunately Justin couldn’t concentrate on what she was saying. He could feel his stinging nostrils quiver before they flared rapidly. He raised his empty hand to his face just in time to catch another wet sneeze into his moist sleeve.

Hah-Eichiew! Ugh by head hurts so badly. Whatd did you say? Somethig about your fambily beig sick? *snffle* well you’re lucky you’re not sick. Ind fact you should probably be keeping your distance fromb be in—ind c-case….Hah-Iisshhiugh! *sniff* ind case you catch sombethig!” struggled Justin as he slowly wiped his runny nose in the back of his sleeve.

“Haha yeah I probably should. Then again you have “celebrity” germs,” she teased as she took a step forwards. Justin was slightly confused.

“Haha I supbose so, *snffle* still I dond’t wandt to get you sick,” giggled Justin nervously.

“Don’t look now but I think other people are starting to recognize you,” whispered the girl trying incredibly hard not to draw anymore unwanted attention to the star. She grabbed his hand and pulled him around the corner until they were stood in an empty aisle. She checked to see if anyone else was coming before declaring that the coast was clear.

“Ok no-one’s coming. You want to avoid fans at all costs right?”

“Y-yeah how did you kndow?” whispered Justin as he moved closer to her.

“Well it’s not that hard genius. You said just now remember? Plus you’re sick and your fan base is a mass of screeching girls. I’d want to avoid them at the moment too,” replied the girl as she realized her hand was still clasped in his sweaty palm. She pulled it away before adding,

“Eeeww, you sneezed into that hand. Guess it’s getting more likely that I’ll catch those germs.”

“Ohh *snffle* sorry,” he answered feebly before turning his head sharply to cough. He could hear other customers talking loudly over in the other aisles about how they were almost certain they had seen Justin Bieber. They were collecting near the cashier’s desk, the place where Justin needed to get to in order to leave the store and go home where he could relax and possibly rest before his busy work schedule. This was proving very difficult now that his identity was becoming more obvious.

“Right I think you’ll have to wait here for a second….or come with me,” whispered the girl as she indicated for him to follow her. She crept towards the end of the aisle furthest from the crowd of confused customers. She turned around the corner with Justin sniffling lightly behind her. She could feel his warm breath on her neck as they stopped to let an old man pass, oblivious to the sick star. She turned her head backwards to face him, surprised to find him closer than expected. Their faces were a few inches apart as he whispered,

“Oh ndo, I thindk I need to sndeeze…”

“Think banana!” she hissed urgently.

“Whadt?!” asked Justin puzzled.

“If you think of the word banana, it stops you from sneezing. You can’t sneeze now, someone might hear you then you’ll get caught.”

“That’s absurd. How cand the word bananda stop you from sndeezig? *sniff* that’s a lie,” said Justin as he rolled his eyes.

“Well ……in case you haven’t noticed, you don’t need to sneeze anymore….. Am I right?..... Not so absurd now Mr Bieber,” replied the girl smugly.

He giggled at the fact he was wrong before sniffing again, his infected nose very close to the back of her hair. She pulled him along into a larger aisle before she turned a wrong corner. Instantly she changed direction and retreated but accidently walked into Justin so that she pushed him over and fell on top, her forehead gashing his sensitive nose. Automatically he felt a strong tickle as a reaction to the forced pressure that had been applied to his already delicate sinuses. He desperately fought the urge to release a powerful sneeze until the battle was officially lost. She was struggling to climb off of his warm body as she felt his muscles tense underneath her.

“Ohh no I’m SO sorry!” she said hurriedly as she placed her palms on the flat floor surface to lift herself upwards. Justin firmly placed his hand on her shoulder and pushed her half off of him before turning his head and sneezing into his free hand.

“Huh-Iisshhiuww!...Ei-Chiew!! HEh-AttChuhh! *snffle*”

He had managed to avoid sneezing in her face before he pushed her off gently. He sat up, rubbing the bridge of his nose up and down to try and loosen the congestion as well as soothe the pain from the collision. His eyes were watering as he desperately tried to cover how badly he was hurt.

“Oh Gosh are you ok?! Stupid question but let me look,” mumbled the girl in a panic as she kneeled in front of him. She was expecting to see angry eyes but instead she was welcomed by forgiving, soft brown ones.

*sniff* Haha twice. Twice we’ve bumbped into each other in the space of half an’d hour *snffle*” smirked Justin as he dabbed his pink nostril with his sleeve-covered thumb again.

“You know you should really use a tissue for that. Are you dizzy? Your nose is swelling.”

“Ndo-no I’b ok. Mby head is still really hurtig though. I’b really hot ndow too,” said Justin as he started to climb to his feet. She placed her hand on his forehead to discover that his temperature was dangerously high. He closed his eyes as the feeling of her soft skin against his reassured him. He had known this girl for a short amount of time but he felt he could be honest with her. Either that or the fever was talking. He lost his balance again before she gripped his arms tightly and ordered him to sit down. She was looking around ensuring no-one was coming until she was dumbfounded to see the star in front of her with his head in his hands.

“Oh no, is it from when I bumped your nose? Do you have concussion??” she panicked as she placed her palms on his pale cheeks and lifted his head. Underneath his exhausted eyes glistened as the light highlighted the tears that were staining his beautiful face. His sniffles were thick and soaking, a combination of his cold and tears.

“Ohh hunny don’t cry! What’s wrong?!” stressed the girl as she dabbed his skin with her own sleeve.

*sniff* I’b j-just beig stupid. I feel so sick I just wandt to go to b-bed and it’s just everything. Mby nd-ndose is killig *sniff* and I’b just ugghh. Igndore mbe. *snffle* I should really phonde my security teamb. I convindced themb to let mbe combe in here alonde. Didn’t thindk I’d get stuck haha. *snffle*”

He buried his face into her shoulder as she hugged him tightly. A mixture of tears and snot stained the fabric of her jacket. They were locked together, Justin’s body trembling as a result of the shock and his fever. His breathing was ragged against her neck giving her goose bumps. She finally broke the hold after feeling him start to calm down. His angelic features were tarnished by a blotchy red rash on his delicate skin, a bruised and runny nose as well as puffy lips.

“Well at least you’re still attractive,” she laughed as she pulled him to his feet again. “You had a real bump, do you think you’re ok to walk?”

“Very fundy. Mm-hmm. I thindk I’b ok. Mby mbanager is goig to be so andoyed. I have ndo idea how we’ll hide this fromb the press,” said Justin as he looked at his reflection in his phone.

“Yeah, you can’t really say a girl you met in a drug store fell on top of you and almost broke your nose,” laughed the girl as she looked down the end of the aisle again.

“I should probably phonde sombeone and tell themb what’s habpended,” smiled Justin as he scrolled through his contacts. His skin burned as he pressed the back of his hand under his nostrils and sniffed loudly.

“…Hey…Yeah I’b still ind the store….I kndow I’ve beend ages…..finde I should have let you combe ind with mbe…..ok listen, I’b tryig to avoid as mbany fans as possible but that’s looking pretty unlikely *snffle*……Yeah I guess I’ll habe to……finde……bye…” he slipped his phone into his pocket before turning to face the girl.

“Well this has beend a waste of timbe. Mby security teamb said I habe to be outside ASAP or I’b ind big trouble,” explained Justin as he walked in the direction of the main cashier’s desk.

“But you’re Justin Bieber! How can you get in trouble?” asked the girl as she hurried to keep up, still cautious about his balance.

“Haaha it doesnd’t really work like that. I’b surprised they evend let mbe in here alone if I’b honest,” he sighed as he turned the corner to be welcomed by a large group of fans all desperately calling his name. He smiled at them before placing his stuff on the empty desk. He realized that something was missing. His Lemsip!! He groaned miserably as his head pounded, the congestion now thicker than ever.

“Forget something?” asked the girl as she rattled the box of Lemsip in front of the exhausted star. She placed it on the desk before taking her place behind him ready to pay for her own goods.

“Thandk you! You kndow whadt? You’ve beend a life saver today!” exclaimed Justin as he ran his germ-riddled hand through his messy hair.

“Maybe but at what cost? You hurt your nose!” she replied indicating to his swollen feature.

*snffle* Yeh but it could habe beend a lot worse. It wasnd’t too bad. Plus you havend’t actually escaped in full health,” he said as he handed his money to the cashier. He stared at her puzzled complexion before breaking off to sneeze again, this time into his fist.

Hah-Issiugh!!! ….That’s a clue right there,” he managed before being swept by another wave of tingling in his sinuses.

Eichiew!!...Ugh I ndeed a tissue-“

“What do you mean?” interrupted the girl loudly; barely audible above the chattering of fans around, desperate for the attention Justin was giving her. He pulled out a tissue from the packet and finally blew his nose, the moist feeling familiar to his slender fingers.

“You caught mby germbs. See? Your ndose is runndig…” said Justin as he pointed towards her face. She hadn’t even noticed that the bottom of her nostril was glistening. She hurriedly wiped it away with her own sleeve.

“Eeww gross,” he mimicked.

They both laughed before Justin edged his way through the sea of fans. He could see his security team looking astounded, obviously in shock at the state he was returning in. He stuffed the tissue into his pocket and pushed the glass door open with his free hand. He quickly turned back towards the girl still paying.

“I didnd’t evend ask your nambe!” he shouted over the crowd of fans begging him for an autograph.

“It’s Emily!” she answered with a smile.

The feeling was back. How many times had he sneezed in the time he had been in the store?! In one swift movement he snapped his head forwards and buried it behind his product-filled hands.

Heh-EISHIUW!! *snffle* That’s a pretty nambe.”

“Remember! Think banana!” he heard her say as he was pulled out of the store by one of his security guards.

After a long series of questions and lectures during the ride home, as well as a few doses of medication, Justin was finally able to relax and get some rest. Hopefully his cold would ease off before his next hectic schedule.

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You should see my face right now. I kid you not, I have goosebumps This is AMAZING!!! I LOOOOVVVVEEEEEEE ITTT!!!! And you!!!!!If I haven't said it before, you're the bestest ever!!!! I know how hard it can be to write with a busy schedule, so THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for taking the time out to do this!!! Trust me, I *REALLY* appreciated it. And you have real Bieber talent, I must say. You can write him so well!!!!


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Aww, cute~! Very lovely. biggrin.png

Aww thank you !!!! thumbup1.gif:D

You should see my face right now. I kid you not, I have goosebumps This is AMAZING!!! I LOOOOVVVVEEEEEEE ITTT!!!! And you!!!!!If I haven't said it before, you're the bestest ever!!!! I know how hard it can be to write with a busy schedule, so THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for taking the time out to do this!!! Trust me, I *REALLY* appreciated it. And you have real Bieber talent, I must say. You can write him so well!!!!


Goosebumps?!! WOW that's AMAZING that my writing could do something like that!!!!!!!! surprise.gif You're so very welcome!! It was really fun and I have a confession..........I'm starting to crush on him a little too!!!! I watched videos of him to ensure I did this justice and now I have a mild case of Bieber Fever.teehee.gif Ahh well. Thank YOU!!w00t.gif

I really like this story! I think the you captured the life of Justin well and you also did really great in the detail of his cold! Fabulous absolutely fabulous biggrin.png

Aaaww thank you so much!! It really means a lot!!! thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

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Yes!!! You capture him so well it makes if feel real, which is the reason I get total goosebumps and my heart rate starts to pick up a bit cause I can imagine it so well! I totally understand being busy with school, I am, too. (up to my eyeballs in homework. ugh) but if you ever get a chance and you have some ideas, I check the forum about every day so trust me, it wouldn't take long before I would come right back :) I ADORE your writing. Heck, I'd love it even if it weren't Bieber :D But it just makes is so AWESOME that it is!! This is my dream come true, I'm serious. The only thing better would be if this really were real life!

Thank you!!!

And I'm SO glad you're beginning to crush on him!!! He has a lot a charm. Seems to have that effect on people :) He was even better when he was younger, before the tatoos.

more??? if you get a chance??? maybe you could write about when he gets home?? some caretaking????? (this is gonna sound so weird, but I'm a total sucker for parent caretaking. Like when someone's mom takes care of them? or maybe Scooter?? hell yeah!!!!!!!!)


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Yes!!! You capture him so well it makes if feel real, which is the reason I get total goosebumps and my heart rate starts to pick up a bit cause I can imagine it so well! I totally understand being busy with school, I am, too. (up to my eyeballs in homework. ugh) but if you ever get a chance and you have some ideas, I check the forum about every day so trust me, it wouldn't take long before I would come right back smile.png I ADORE your writing. Heck, I'd love it even if it weren't Bieber biggrin.png But it just makes is so AWESOME that it is!! This is my dream come true, I'm serious. The only thing better would be if this really were real life!

Thank you!!!

And I'm SO glad you're beginning to crush on him!!! He has a lot a charm. Seems to have that effect on people smile.png He was even better when he was younger, before the tatoos.

more??? if you get a chance??? maybe you could write about when he gets home?? some caretaking????? (this is gonna sound so weird, but I'm a total sucker for parent caretaking. Like when someone's mom takes care of them? or maybe Scooter?? hell yeah!!!!!!!!)


Wow that's just gguhuh more than I could have ever hoped for!! Obviously I love writing anyway but it just makes it completely worthwhile getting a reaction like that! Haha I'm addicted to the forum too :P Thank you so much. Yeah I'll keep this in mind but it's starting to add to my list of procrastination methods so I need to kick myself back into shape and focus on getting my grades too ugh. Yeehh he's SO CUTE! He's adorable. I agree with him being a bit better when he was younger even though he's a man now :D

Yeah ideas are good so I sort of know where I'm going with it. I said this last time and it wasn't that long but it could take a while. You're welcome :)

I am in LOVE like OMG I love this It's soo good

Thank you VEEERRRYYY MUCH!! As I've said before, it means a lot to know my writing is appreciated :D

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Oh, it's appreciated, trust me :) And I totally feel you, I'm the worst procrastinator in the world :) I don't want you to ever feel pressured about this. I'll take anything you give me, no matter how long it takes. I'll be grateful either way :)

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Oh, it's appreciated, trust me smile.png And I totally feel you, I'm the worst procrastinator in the world smile.png I don't want you to ever feel pressured about this. I'll take anything you give me, no matter how long it takes. I'll be grateful either way smile.png

Haha thank you :D Oh no no, I'm not trying to hint that I'm too pressured or anything I'm just preparing you in advance in case it doesn't come for ages if that makes sense? Thanks for pointing that out for if I get a block though. Hate that. Although I have quite a lot of direction with the next part so it should be fine :P

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smalltownbieber and secretsneezelover27 thank you very, very much!! biggrin.png

Purpleninja: Hahaha that was a polite way of kicking me into shape right? wink.png Well it worked because I was taking ages with it biggrin.png

So here we go, part 2. I didn't include Scooter because I didn't think I'd be able to write him properly considering I have no idea who he is, woops. Again, any advice/criticism/feedback always welcome. Enjoy biggrin.png

“Justin? Honey it’s time to get up…”

The soft, concerned voice pulled Justin out of deep unconsciousness. His eyelashes fluttered open slowly as he started to feel like a part of reality again. Justin’s mother was sat on his bed, her smooth palm pressed against his forehead as he shuffled to face her. He met her worried eyes and forced a smile to try and reassure her.

“You’re burning up. This fever is getting worse. Are you feeling better at all?” asked Pattie as she pushed her son’s hair back from his clammy forehead.

Justin’s sleepy mumble confirmed her suspicions. He was in the worst part of his cold. What was the saying? Three days coming, three days here, three days going? Looked like he would be suffering for a while before his immune system would finally defeat the virus. She stroked his cheek as he closed his eyes tightly. The deep tickle had returned to the back of his dry throat, causing him to fall into a fit of desperate coughs. He didn’t have the energy to cover his mouth, especially because he was still between being asleep and awake. Everything was fuzzy. His mind was jumbled with the events of the night before. He was re-living them in a dream-like phase. He groaned heavily before the violent coughing urged him to sit up to stop the mucus from irritating the back of his throat anymore.

“Drink this,” ordered Pattie as she pressed a glass of orange juice to his burning lips. She titled it upwards, causing the sweet liquid to trickle down his throat which felt like it had been cut by razor-blades. He pressed his left nostril with his index finger and sniffed. No use. The congestion wasn’t subsiding. His sinuses were completely swollen. The only way he could get oxygen in and out was by breathing through his mouth which only worsened his tickly cough. He sighed miserably before reaching for his phone. 12 o clock. He had 2 hours before he had to be at the airport ready to fly to the UK.

“Ok I think I’ll have to phone everyone and tell them you can’t fly,” said Pattie.

*snffle* Ndo I’mb ok. I habe to get ond that plande. Mby British fands are expectig mbe.*Snffle* I’mb ondly a little bit sick,” moaned Justin faintly before pulling his blanket up to his neck to try and preserve some heat. He was freezing.

“You’re shivering. Do you really think you’ll be of use like this?” retaliated his mother. He knew she was right but he was eager to avoid disappointing his fans.

“Well it’s better thand ndot goin’g at all.”

Pattie knew that Justin was hard-working, just like her. They were too alike. His mind was made up, he was getting on that plane whether she liked it or not. She sighed in frustration as her baby pulled his puppy-dog face, his chapped lips pouted. She placed her hand under his chin and angled his face to inspect his nose. The swelling had died down, leaving a light, purple tinge on the bridge.

“Is your nose still hurting?” she surrendered, too sympathetic to be angry.

“Mmb-hmmb, yeah but ndot as mbuch. I thindk I got lucky,” he replied as he sleepily rubbed his eyes. His skin was puffy, eyes shrunken.

“Aaww my poor baby, come here,” whimpered Pattie as she pressed her lips on his forehead, secretly checking his temperature again but more accurately. He was boiling. Her hair swept across his nose, inducing a ferocious tickle that was destined to happen very soon anyway.

“Mom-I…” he struggled as he pulled away from her kiss. He fumbled under the blankets to free his trapped hands before cupping them over his face. His head snapped forwards, eyes shut tightly as he released two harsh sneezes into his sweaty palms.

“Huh-IshIEW!...Hah-EIchiuh! *snffle* ugh*.”

“Bless you baby.”

Pattie pulled a tissue from the box on Justin’s bedside table and urged him to move his hands from his face. She pressed it firmly over his raw skin and ordered him to blow. He obeyed willingly, grateful to be loosening his congestion a little. She peeled the soggy tissue from his nose and scrunched it into her palm before giving him some cough syrup. The warm liquid seeped slowly down his throat, extinguishing the painful soreness.

“Thandks Momb. I thindk I’d better start getting ready *snffle*,” he smiled as he un-tucked his legs from the bedclothes. The “cold” room air sent shivers down his spine.

“That’s what Moms are for, to deal with their sick kids. Are you sure you’re ok to go? I really think you should stay at home and rest. Maybe that’ll be best? Then you’ll be nice and well for the actual tour and—“

“Momb I kndow you’re ondly tryig to help but I’mb ok. Hondestly. If we dond’t fly today thend it’ll be a waste of mondey and timbe an’d it’ll be more work for everyonde. ” he interrupted calmly. As he swivelled to face her, his nose started oozing. He sniffled thickly and pinched his infected nostrils. This wasn’t helping his case.

“You’re ok? That’s why your nose is running so much?” provoked his mother.

*snffle* It’s just because I havend’t beend awake for lon’g. Colds are always worse ind the morndig. Once I blow mby ndose a few more times an’d take somethig else it’ll slow downd.*sniff*,” he replied as he bravely pushed the blanket off of him completely, his pale skin now pierced by the icy temperature. He shivered as he opened his closet. He continued to test out his breathing abilities by covering his nostrils, alternating between the both of them. The congestion had melted a little so that his sniffles caused a wet, rattling sound.

“Whatever you say. I’ll go and get ready. Do you want anything to eat?” sighed Pattie as she walked towards the door.

“Ndo thandks, I’mb good. I wond’t be lon’g,” answered Justin as he pulled out a clean blue shirt, jeans and a jacket. Pattie closed the door tightly on her way out leaving Justin alone. He buried his face in his hands for a few moments before rubbing his eyes and nose. He dressed slowly, sniffling every few seconds because he had to tilt his head forwards a lot to zip and button up. As he edged his way towards the door, another deep tickle was imbedded in his sinuses. He quickly grabbed his pillow from the floor and directed a loud sneeze into it.

“Huh-EeshHiuhh! *snffle*”

He dropped it onto his messy sheets before grabbing another tissue and blowing his nose ready to face his mother who was in the living room. He had to seem as healthy as possible. Justin smiled and sat down on the couch as Pattie fumbled with keys, food and other essentials. Most of their stuff was already at the airport with the security team, they just needed to remember their hand luggage.

“Huh- Ishiuhh!”

Pattie turned quickly to face Justin who had his head buried in the pillows. With great effort he pulled himself to his feet and walked towards her. His mother had expected a thick pile of excuses about how he was fine but instead she was surprised to find Justin’s arms wrapped around her neck, his head leaning on her shoulder. She could feel his uneasy breathing on her skin.

“Aaww honey, I thought you were too old for a hug with your Mom,” she teased as she squeezed him tightly.

Justin didn’t have the energy to answer. He used her body to support himself up before she sat him down at the table.

“Last chance? I can call everyone. It isn’t too late,” suggested Pattie as she grabbed her phone.

“Ndo, dond’t. We have to get to the UK andyway. I mbay aswell fly today condsiderig it’s all planned,” sighed Justin helplessly.

“Ok then. We’d better leave in about 10 minutes. Do you have everything? Phone? Money? Cold medication?” she fussed as she looked through her own bags.

“Yeah I’mb good,” exhaled Justin as he dropped his head onto his folded arms.

After double (or triple) checking that they had everything, Justin and his mother climbed into the car and drove to the airport. It wasn’t far away but the star spent most of the journey sleeping, sneezing and sniffling. Pattie felt useless. Her baby boy was suffering and her instinct was screaming at her to do something to stop it but she couldn’t. Nothing could except for his weakened immune system. They parked near the entrance where they were greeted by the usual security team.

“Justin, we’re here. You have to get out sweetie,” whispered Pattie as she opened her own door. His head was spinning. He felt unbearably drowsy from the cough syrup and cold medication. Justin slowly pulled himself upright and opened the door to edge his way out. The sudden change of climate and temperature teased his sinuses, generating an intense tickle. He pulled his shirt collar upwards to cover his leaky nose.

“Heh-Eiicshiuhh! ….hah-EtChiuhh! *snffle*.”

He held the fabric over his face for a few seconds as his breath continued to hitch when suddenly his attention was caught by a girl in a uniform with dark hair entering the airport. The ferocious tickle finally subsided and he dropped his shirt before scrunching his nose tightly to restrain the trickle. He sniffed thickly and stood at full height to get a better look but she was gone. For some weird reason he felt like he recognised her but couldn’t separate his jumbled thoughts.

Justin, Pattie and the security team walked towards the entrance where they were greeted by managers and airport workers. It was explained that they could board the flight immediately and take off. The star merely sniffled and nodded at the options and suggestions thrown at him. A few times while the managers were speaking he had to muffle his infectious sneezes as quietly as possible to avoid interrupting. He pressed his nose tightly with his sleeve-covered fist to ease the burning. After the droning had stopped, they agreed to get on the flight right away to prevent Justin from hanging around unnecessarily. One of the managers informed the pilot that the flight would be commencing earlier than planned and they walked towards the usual airport security. Justin slowly placed his phone in the tray and stepped through the metal detector. The alarm didn’t go off, a small but significant triumph.

Suddenly Justin was paralyzed. He was about to grab his phone from the tray when he saw the familiar dark hair again, only this time a little closer. He rubbed the bridge of his nose up and down as the annoying itch returned. He quickly pressed both of his hands over his nose before he erupted into a set of wet sneezes.

“Huh-Ishiew!....*snffle*…hah-esch-iuh! Eichiew! *snfle*.”

His cheeks flushed with colour as he managed to defeat the tickle. He wiggled his hand out of his sleeve and picked up his phone. That was embarrassing, he thought, I wish I could stop sneezing. What was that trick again? Think banana……THINK BANANA!! The realization hit Justin as he struggled to scan through the crowd. Then he saw her….Emily! She was working at one of the food counters. He had the urge to call her name but thought better of it. He had to get on the plane. He was nudged forwards by a security guard who urged him to pull his hood up. They wormed through the crowd of people until they were stood in front of a large elevator. Justin felt a surge of panic through his spine.

“Ndo sorry, cand we take the stairs?” he exclaimed quickly, the fear visible in his milky brown eyes.

“The stairs have been blocked as a result of an accident. Plus the elevator is faster,” replied a security guard as the doors opened to reveal a woman with a screeching baby and a middle-aged couple.

“Justin doesn’t like elevators,” his mother explained as the star took a step backwards.

“I’m sorry ma’am but that’s the only way you’re getting on this flight.”

He couldn’t give up now! He had dragged himself out of the warmth and security of his room for a reason and that was to get on the plane.

“Ndo, it’s ok Momb, we wond’t be ind there for long right? *snffle*,” he said as his pink-tinged nostrils flared.

“Right. It’s only one floor then you’ll pass through the second part of security and you can get on the plane.”

Justin nodded as sniffed thickly as he stepped inside the tight space. He could feel his breathing getting harder as he imagined the walls closing in on him. Only one floor, he reassured himself. He glanced at his reflection in the large mirror. He looked terrible. His eyes were puffy, his nose stained with a purple tinge as well as the raw skin around his defined nostrils. His lips were a deep red colour. Justin ran his fingers through his hair before chewing on the sleeve of his hoodie with anxiety. He couldn’t let claustrophobia control him.

The doors were almost shut when suddenly a hand jammed in between them. Justin stopped chewing as they opened and he saw her. Emily. They smiled in shock at each other as she wedged herself inside the tight space.

“Fancy seeing you here,” smirked Emily as she stood next to Justin. His heart was racing, probably his body’s reaction to the whole phobia thing but he was still very pleased to see her.

*snffle* I cand’t believe you work here! This is so weird! It’s like fate! *sniff* Momb this is the girl who wrecked mby face,” he said short of breath as the doors heaved shut.

“Aahh so you’re the girl who damaged my son. Haha it’s nice to meet you,” laughed Pattie, aware of Justin’s tense position. She knew he felt very uncomfortable in this small space.

“Yeah I’m sorry about that *sniff* it’s nice to meet you too,” replied Emily.

She was wedged tightly next to Justin so that her overpowering, sweet scent danced around his nostrils. He turned his head away to gulp some fresh air but there was none. He pinched his nose as tightly as he could with his forefinger and thumb and cupped the other hand over too in order to stop the itching. He loosened his grip a little when he though the battle had been won. His judgement was poor. He turned around completely so that he faced the corner of the elevator.

Huh-IIschiuw!! …EiSHUUH! *sniff* sorry,” he apologized quietly before Pattie handed him a tissue. He covered his nose and mouth quickly to muffle another wet “heh-uuschuh!”.

“Bless you. So you haven’t learned my trick then *sniff*?” smiled Emily as she gazed at the star. He noticed that the rim of her dainty nostrils were a very light pink.

*snffle* Well I did but it doesnd’t work againdst your perfube an’d mby cold is worse today, and so is yours by the looks of it,” replied Justin, his voice muffled by the white material between his fingers. Emily blushed a little and looked down. Suddenly Justin was swept by a wave of panic……. Why weren’t they out of the elevator yet?! They weren’t moving…….

“Mbom?!” exclaimed Justin in a panic.

The security guard pressed the help button as the baby wailed. Justin’s temperature was rising rapidly. He felt dizzy.

“Honey it’s ok. I think we’re stuck but we can call for help,” reassured Pattie as she clasped Justin’s sweaty palm.

“Momb I don’t feel too good,” said Justin breathlessly. He could feel his chest getting tighter. The walls were closing in on him. Why on earth did he even step into the elevator?! The security team ordered everyone to give Justin as much space as possible as they sat him on the floor and rested his head against the mirror. He was hyperventilating. He was struggling to breathe with his congested sinuses anyway….. now this?!

Pattie gave him a bottle of water and ordered him to drink. His eyes started to fill with thick, soggy tears and he sipped the cool water. His breathing gradually slowed to a rapid but bearable speed as he covered his mouth with his sleeve. He wiped his nose with the back of his hand before being ordered to lie down on his side, causing the congestion in his left nostril to loosen a little. The baby continued to screech as the mother tried her hardest to shush him. The old couple were fairly relaxed as the security team spoke through the help microphone. Justin felt the familiar stoke of his mother’s fingers on his cheek before he blacked out.

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ho....lee...crap!!!!!!!! If you didn't have me so utterly ADDICTED before, you have most certainly captured me now!! I am yours, oh great one..


thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much for taking the time to do this for me!!!! I love it so much!! You're the best!!!!!!!!

that said...more?? the end was a bit of a cliffy...I must know!!

thank you!!!

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Omg I love this! It's soooo good. I don't think you undestand. I'm offcially in love with your story ♥

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purpleninja: I've already spoken to you over PM but I didn't want it to look like I was leaving you out so YOU'RE WELCOME AND THANK YOU :P

Easymac97: Thank you very much :D

SilverFox: I'm really glad you liked it! I was a little iffy about the second half as I've already mentioned to Purpleninja, I didn't want to be too sadistic but I guess it was ok!

smalltownbieber: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Seriously, these comments make me feel amazing laugh.png

And don't worry, there will be another part up as soon as my work experience is over and I find time somewhere. Plus I think it'll have more H/C too considering he fainted and all. whistling.gif

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Is it weird that I"m starting to have dreams about this story.....???

*blushes and hides*

that's how good it is

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I could see this story getting pushed farther and farther down the list, so I had to comment so I won't have to search for it to reread it...again *blushes*

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purpleninja, please do not bump threads. If you want to re-read the story, I suggest bookmarking it or saving the link, or searching for key words. Thanks.

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