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I propose a story trade


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Hello people. happy.png I'm proposing a trade, because I obviously won't write what I should be writing, without wandering back into fetish land.

I do: female. I can write an unspecified gender story (first or second person), but I don't do male.

I do: allergies of any kind, I do write colds if asked, but I struggle a bit with those.

Fandoms I know and could write:

Devil Wears Prada (Miranda, Andy, Emily, Serena)

Waking The Dead (BBC): (Eve, Stella, Grace)

Criminal Minds (JJ, Prentiss, Garcia)

Downton Abbey (Lady Mary, Lady Sybil, Lady Cora, Anna)

X-files (Scully)

Star Trek: Voyager (Janeway, B'Elanna, Seven)

V series, old and new version (Diana, Anna, Erica)

North and South (Madeline, Brett, Ashton)

Scarpetta book series (Scarpetta, Lucy)

Any female character written by Stephen King.

I can write some celebs (given that I know who they are), I can write original, and I can write my OC girls if anyone wishes.

Now, what do I want in return? Ahem... well. :shy: I... oh God, Chanel, just say it, it's not like you haven't said it before!

Devil Wears Prada; Miranda allergy fic, or Sarah Palin allergy fic. There. If anyone is up for it, send me a PM and we can settle the details. Also, I am blushing now. Why? It's not like I've been shy about my preferences before. :blink:

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