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BBC Sherlock is still causing me acute sexual frustration.

I try to deal with it the best I can.

Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby (click, click, full size baby) -


Dat Belstaff coat though.

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HIS OUTFIT! What detail! And HIS FACE! What irritation!! I love this! Love love this!

Everything Spoider said and more! The detailing in the coat is marvelous, and his expressions are to die for.

Your art never ceases to amaze. Brilliant job! clapping.gif

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Ze cooaaaat..... <3

I love this, and im not even a huge fan of this Sherlock! (However, that may be subject to change now that I've seen this...)

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I... uh, wow. You have actually made him sexier than he is in real life. :drool:

Hoo, those eyes. That frown. That HAIR. :heart:

You have our permission to do that again, Mr. Holmes. :yes:

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:drool: Just "Jdflasflkhakfnldjvkhadkfh!!!!" (yes I am incoherent at the yumminess). And mmmmm... coat, and scarf, and yumminess.... and *is incoherent again* :wub:
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BLOODYHOLYMOTHEROF--! agsjdjrhijjfd! God, I missed your drawings! *licks the screen*

It's just the whole expression, and that little irritated tear just slivering down those marvelous cheekbones...!

I want to run away with him!!

I... I-- I think I really love you! :drool:

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OH GOLLY GEEE GOSH OMG. The cheekbones! The scarf! The beautiful beautiful sneeze! The coat! *Melt* Stop spoiling us, VoOs! ;)

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Spoider - Thank you, dear. blushing.gif"Irritation" is such a nice word... *dreamy sigh*

Always - N'aww. >////< Always happy to make a fellow Sherlockian happy. <3

Grey - Ze coooaaat, indeed. I can't really make it justice, though. The real thing makes his silluette look as if it had been sculpted by gods. I mean, uh... thank you!

Sigrith - wub.png yourself, young lady. >:C

Maru - Thank you very much, but... I'm afraid I can't agree with you there. bleh.gifheart.gif

tma - Your incoherence is very, very flattering. Thank you. <3

Anony - Yes, why don't you!? <o>______<o> ( hug.gif ) I warmly recommend it, though!

AppleBlossom - *loves you right back* xD

Dusty - Oh, shush, you. blush.png

pig - Darling, yes... *touches*

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Ohhh wow, I don't watch Sherlock at all, but if he ever gets all sick and delicious like this I'll have to watch it for sure. You actually managed to make Cumberbatch attractive to me, too, which is a feat lemme tell ya. XD

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