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A dream I had the other night


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I had no idea where to put this, as dreams don't really fit under fics or obs! So if any mods feel the need to move this, please do. :)


The other night I had a very surreal dream involving either the two main characters or actors from Sherlock. I honestly couldn't distinguish in my own dream if I was seeing Sherlock and John, or Benedict and Martin. However, since I'm posting this in the fanfic section, I'll just call them Sherlock and John from now on (even if they were a bit OOC).

The dream started with me walking along a deserted road with Sherlock and John, and some other faceless girl. We were chatting and laughing together about something random, when we reached a quiet beach. It was nearing dusk. Me and the other girl decided we wanted to go swimming, so we raced down to the water. I waded into the water fully clothed, then turned around to see what Sherlock and John were doing. They had sat down on deck chairs (that had materialised out of nowhere), and were leaning towards each other in intimate discussion about something. I kind of smiled to myself at how sweet they looked in that moment (I'm a sucker for bromance), and sat down in the shallow water for a bit. When I turned around to look at them again, they had now laid back in the deck chairs with their eyes closed.

Then all of a sudden, they both sneezed simultaneously; Sherlock a double. They were strong, wet-sounding, slightly muffled sneezes. They glanced at each other, and then laid back again, and I realised they looked really exhausted. Then John sneezed twice more, even more violently, and sniffled miserably. Sherlock turned to him and quietly said, "Are you okay?" By this stage I could not believe what I was witnessing. John rubbed his face and looked at Sherlock for a moment, then replied, "I don't know. I mean, it was bloody cold last night, and they kept us out there for hours..." Sherlock nodded and looked like he wanted to lie back again, but then said resignedly, "We'd better keep moving." John agreed reluctantly and they slowly stood up, then kept walking together towards an unknown destination. I saw Sherlock's shoulders jerk as he stifled one last sneeze, before they turned a corner and were gone. The girl and I stayed on the beach, but I turned to look at her and said in an awed voice, "They are just so adorable". She smiled at me in agreement, then my dream gradually shifted to something else.

When I woke up I thanked my subconscious for a wonderful diversion, hehe. :)

I know this is a rather weird thing to be posting, but since I don't fancy myself a fic writer, I thought I'd at least give something back by describing my yummy dream.

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your subconscious just totally spoiler you there didn't it? that sounds fantastic, and even more so because you remembered it!

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i had a pretty cool dream the other day that my girlfriend was just using hankies of her own accord and she had so many cool ones, that dream was really cool

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