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Hah! My first topic!

I don't exactly know where to start... erm... hi! *waves shyly* how ya'll doin', my name's Dory! I'm from Switzerland, the country of mountains, cheese and chocolate. I'm 18, I'm a girl and I've had a fetish since... probably always. I only discovered a year ago that something like a sneeze fetish actually exists, so I'm fairly new to the idea that I might have one. Ever since I was a little girl, sneezes made me feel excited. Sounds a bit daft, but I don't know another way to say it.

Fact is, I've always enjoyed fluffy stories that involve characters getting ill and I also enjoy making up my own stories.

I never used to need any bedtime stories, cause I'd always make my own in my head. And I still do that now. I have a very vivid imagination and making up stories is like watching a film in my own head. It's very entertaining.

Recently, I started to write them down. It's a strange thing to translate my films into words. Many things like looks and movements can hardly be turned into a written story. It's a lot easier to draw them (which is another thing I do all the time. I'm planning to become an illustrator in the future) But I do my best.

That is also why you will probably find me hanging around in the art & stories section most of the time XD.

Anyways, I'm happy to be here and I'm looking forward to meeting you all!

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Welcome to our little corner of the web.

I hope you have yourself a good time here and make many new friends.

I look forward to viewing the stories and artwork that you post.

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Welcome! I can't wait to see your stories and drawings! I hang out in the stories thread more often than anywhere, too, so I'll be looking out for yours. :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it here! Everyone's pretty awesome, so we're glad you've joined us now. :D

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Welcome to the forum. :)

Those 'stories'/films are the best aren't they. Awesome that you're translating them to stories/pictures.

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Welcome, Dory! You have a great name, you're from a place I'd like very much to visit, and you seem to have discovered your fetish in much the same way I did! I would lie in bed for hours making up stories/'films' in my head! This site is a nice alternative :)

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Welcome to the forum dory :)

having a vivid imagination is a lot of fun hey :) look forward to seeing your drawings :)

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