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bondi's wav page?


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Hey guys, this is my first post on this site, im pretty sure this wasn't posted yet (i apologize if it did) but it seems that I can't acces bondi's wav page anymore, i think it's really bad because bondi's wav page used to have some really great wavs. Im not sure if it's just something with my internet but it would be great if someone checks if it works for them and if they can't acces it, and if someone knows what happened to it?

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hello ;)

well i checked it and everything is fine, i can listen to the wavs i like to hear or read.

or is there a special topic you canĀ“t access?

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thanks for the reply everyone :), when i tried to access it it said "internet explorer cannot display webpage" (i use ie for sneeze fetish stuff :P) so i tried it on mozilla and it just said the same thing, i'll try to access it now... ok it works fine now, maybe it was on maintence or something, idk

anyway, thanks everybody and a sneeze fetish salute to you :P

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