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Office Crud (F & self, F)

norcal tinkfan

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Though we are in the midst of a hockey lockout, there is still work to be done, but a virus is making it's way through our offices. While my own cold was caught from a friend from work, there is no shortage of people to catch it from.

Monday, while my own cold was brewing, I got to work for one of two evenings of training events this week. As I came off the elevator, our Receptionist was holding a tissue in one hand while in the phone with her boyfriend. In a husky voice she was asking him to stop off & get some medicine because "this cold is coming on fast." She hung up & immediately sneezed a wet "HESCHOOOO" into her tissue.

The next day I was headed over to say hello to my friend I am pretty sure is the source of my cold (we spent time together before she got suck) cubical is across the offices from mine. Her nose was red around the edges and she had a box of tissues next to her computer. I didn't see any sneezes, but she told me she was going home because she wasn't feeling well & the cold meds weren't doing much.

That night I went to bed with a sore throat of my own. I woke up with a really sore throat, headache & a fairly drippy nose. I had to conduct the training last night. It was a loooong night. The cold took hold even though I took cold meds before the night started and was sniffing a lot. During breaks I went to the restroom the ladies weren't using (down in our offices) to blow & blow & blow my nose some more. My first sneeze came at the last break & I had to hold 2-3 back during the rest of the night.

Got downstairs after we were done & sneezed as soon as I got off the elevator. Finished putting stuff away, got to my car & blew my nose in three tissues. Pulled into the driveway at home & sneezed again.

Today has been more of the same. I sneezed three wet ones while typing this. My throat hurts each time I swallow & my nose is starting to get completely stuffed up.

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Aww, bless you Norcal! Get better.

And yep, cold season has started. Yesterday in school everyone seemed to be extremely tired/ill but me and my best friend. One kid brought a thermos full of tea to school.

At the end of the day I just said to my friend: "It seems that Little Willie John was a soothsayer of some kind..."

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Thanks, everyone. Slept propped up with a couple pillows so I could breathe. Once I woke up...more than the few drowsy wake ups prior to 9am my time...I immediately blew into several tissues trying to clear my nose.

I feel like I've been blowing every five minutes for the last couple hours, but know that's not true. I've sneezed about 10 times so far, all wet HUSCHOOOOOO singles.

Had yesterday & today off, but it's back to work Saturday & Sunday. DayQuil will be my friend!

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