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Sneezing fits, unknown reason? M


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So my boyfriend C had recently a sneezy nose and cough for a few days, not sure if he had mild cold or just allergies?

He rarely sneezes less than 5 at a time.

One of my favorite fits he had was inside, I was nearby and heard him draw in a deep breath and he closed his eyes and held a tissue in wait for a sneeze. It was like he had been sneezing so much he wasnt even thinking about it any more, and he stayed very relaxed about it.

Then, about very breathy, airy sounding sneezes came, sounding like 'tshhhoe, ehhtschho, eh-ha-taschoo, hhh-tschoo, hh, ha-choo, he- shoee!' They all sounded expected and in a rythym almost. He never actually sneezed into the tissue, just kind of held it in his hand as he covered his nose a bit.

He blew his nose into this tissue after, it was neat sounding, a little wet after sneezing so much but not messy.

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