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  1. 1. Which ESPN lady do you want to hear sneeze most?

    • Cindy Brunson
    • Suzy Kolber
    • Rachel Nichols
    • Colleen Dominguez
    • Lisa Salters
    • Other (specify)

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On ESPN's First Take on September 19th, Cindy Brunson lost her breath trying to hold back a sneeze, succeeded for a minute as she said "I had to sneeze, but couldn't say it. I'm trying not to sneeze on national television." After a few minutes of show, her breath hitched and she sneezed. "Heh, ahh-cheeew!" Oh my goodness, I tried to contain it but failed." That was so great, but I heard it on the Podcast and missed it on TV. Can anyone find it for me?

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Until we find the new sneeze, here is an old one of her:

Yea I remember I saw this episode live!!! She must be a very sneezy person.

Anyway, I would love to see Colleen Dominguez sneeze because she has a really nice big nose

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