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Two doctors, Dr. Samantha Thomas and Dr. Nicole Anson just made a discovery of a lifetime. Actually, make that two. Their first discovery was they invented the shrink ray. However, that was only part 1 of what they were accomplishing together. Their second discovery was that they found a way for them to use the shrink rays on themselves and go into a human body where they can go into the brain and make it so that now instead of humans only being able to use 10% of their brain, now would be able to use 100%. They had been able to be successful testing this on many lab animals, now they were going to have to test this on a real human.

Dr. Thomas and Dr. Anson started calling up some of their friends to see if anyone of them would be interested in doing this, but a lot of them said no. Finally, Dr. Anson got a yes from her friend Emily. "So, just how is this going to work?" Asked Emily. "It's easy," replied Nicole, "Samantha and I will use the shrink rays on ourself. We will be so small that we will be able to fit ourselves inside your nostrils, and we will work our way up from your nose to your brain. Once we get to your brain we'll work our little magic so that you will be able to use 100% of your brain." "Okay," Said Emily, "I'll see you tomorrow."

The next day, Emily went into Dr. Thomas and Dr. Anson's lab and took her seat on a big chair and she prepared to get ready. Her blue-ish hazel eyes got big when she saw the doctors pull out the shrink ray. "Wow, that actually works." Emily asked amazed as she brushed away her dark brown hair. "Yes, we wouldn't make you come here if it didn't." Said Samantha. "Okay, we're going to start now," Nicole Exclaimed, "Oh, but, one quick thing before we begin. We are going to be crawling in your nose for about 10 minutes because we will be working our way up to your brain, so your nose may get a bit tickly but don't sneeze until I radio to you that we are in the brain otherwise we will fly out of your nose at a high speed. Will you be able to handle that?" "Yeah sure, definitley!" Emily answered. "Alright, give us a heads up if you have to sneeze so we'll try and get out of their."

Nicole and Samantha used the shrink ray on themselves and Emily was very amazed by it. "Alright Emily were starting now." Samantha Exclaimed. Samantha crawled up Emily's left nostril and Nicole crawled up Emily's right nostril. 30 seconds after the two doctors crawled in her nostrils she realized why he doctors had warned about her sneezing. She felt a slight tickle in her nose, not bad enough for her to start losing control, but bad enough for her to start worrying about it. 2 minutes later, that small tickle starting building up a lot. She still thought she could hold it back so she started rubbing her nose lightly. Then Nicole started speaking to Emily on the radio. "Emily stop rubbing your nose it will make it very difficult for us to move. You don't have to sneeze do you?" "No." Emily responded. She thought she could still hold it back but a minute later that tickle got even biggger and her nostrils started flaring. She realized she'd have to tell them. "Hey get out of their I think I have to sneeze." Warned Emily. "Alright just hold it back a little while longer we will get out of their." Said Nicole. However, it was hard for Emily to just not sneeze right then and there. Her breathing started to go. "Hehhhhhhhh....hahhhhhhhhhhhhhuhhhhhhhh-hahhhhhehhhhhhhhh.... huh-huhhurryyyyyy up and gehhhehhet out ofhehfff thehhhehheir." Emily was trying to learn. "JUST HOLD IT BACK FOR A FEW MORE SECONDS!" Yelled out Nicole. "It's hehhhhno uhhhhhuhse I chahhahn't...... HEH- HEH- ISSSCCCCHEEEWWWWWWWWW!!! ITSCHHHHHHHEWWWWWWW! AHHHHHHISCHHHHHHHHEEWWWWWWW!!!!!" Emily was finally done sneezing but her eyes widened in horror. Where was NIcole and Smantha?

"Emily, down here!" Yelled a voice. Emily looked down and saw the tiny Nicole and Samantha. She breathed a sigh of relief. "How did you make it out?" Emily asked. "Literally a second before you sneezed, me and Samantha had just escaped your nostrils otherwise we could've been squashed by the force of your sneeze." Nicole answered. " Well that was a close call!" Said Emily. "You bet." The doctors replied.

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Definitely an awesome story. Loved the idea and execution of said idea.

I hope you continue to write wonderful stories like this one. Will there be a sequel or continuation of this story?

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