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He gave me his germs


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So yes, I caught a cold from one of my friends, whom I'll call P for prat, because he coughed all over my hands. This another one of my rage posts. I have a pretty strong immune system so I didn't think I would really catch it so at first I jokingly reprimanded him for coughing uncovered at my hand (we take the train to and from class). So he was sitting down and since I am barely 5 feet tall, the part where I'm holding the train pole for balance is level with his face. Then he turns and coughs on my hand by accident, and later he does a couple more times. I really did not want this cold.

Later in the day, my throat starts feeling a bit sore, and I can't breathe through my nose. I was also sneezing more than the norm for me (no spelled out sneezes because I stifle silently, sorry :(), so I realized I might have actually caught his stupid cold over the course of like five hours. Still, it was a fairly nice day, sun shining, nice and warm, so I thought it might have been allergies. But of course not, because with my luck I wake up this morning with a thoroughly stuffed nose and a sore throat. I'll probably develop his cough as well, which I hate because those can't really be stifled and I hate coughing in class because then I feel completely self-conscious and gross for spreading my sick germs.

I really hope I get over it this weekend before I go back to school. If I don't I guess I'll keep you all posted (because everyone cares LOL -conceited-)

Maybe this means I won't catch that winter cold.

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