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5 seconds pre-sneeze face!Right in front of me!

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I was going to my Japanese class yesterday and had to wait the traffic light to get red to the cars.While I was waiting,I noticed a guy on the other side of the street,about 22 years old,light brown hair,wearing blue shirts and carring a backpack.Suddenly,his face acquired a quite tense expression,and the traffic light became red by the and I started to cross the street and so he did.

I was wearing sunglasses so I could literally watch him without he notice,and saw he open his mouth,eyes showing urge to sneeze,his facial muscles getting tense,I could see that he had a quick hard breathing,he stayed with his mouth opened until we crossed each other on the street,maintained the same pre sneeze face all the way(not a long way,but still...),and it was obvious he had and would sneeze in a matter of seconds...

We got passed each other and I turned my head in time to see him sneeze (atchuuuuuuuuu!)!I kind of counted the seconds and he stayed with that pre sneeze face for about 5,6 seconds before finally sneeze!I couldn't bless him since we were at the middle of the street,but that was a nice obs and I felt I could share with you!

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