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I love Harry Potter and I love writing about him but I'd really like to read someone else's for a change. I can do a story trade, granted I am familiar with the fandom, but since my past two trades haven't worked out in my favor, I will wait for whoever is granting my request to post before I've posted mine.

That said, I am looking for the following:

-Harry Potter

-with a cold

-and a fever

-but denying it anyway


-thank you

-I'll love you


-as long as it's going to be COMPLETED. <---


LOL yes I am demanding, and as I read this over I realized I sounded like a total douche, but I really want HP. I've already read all the HP the forum has to offer :( but I am greedy, fangirling way too hard, and need more.

anyone up for this? notworthy.gif -begs-

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I'd like to try it if I can! I've never written HP before, so I won't make any promises (and therefore won't take anything in return due to the uncertain nature of said fic). I have a really hard time writing about fandoms when I can picture the actors for the characters in my head, but if I can find time among the three other trades I've got going and school and living, I'd be willing.

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@ElementsofGray: ;) you know I'd read it if you wrote it regardless.

@Spoo: there are way too many of those! :( [hint, hint, nudge, nudge]

@Lime: :heart:

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I, like Spoo, have some unfinished Harry!fic....hmmmm... ;)

There's not enough HP fic in general, about any of the characters! I've sought to remedy that a bit, but I have been getting the itch to write more!

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