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Matt Smith (random sneeze, season 7 episode 4)


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Oh my goodness as soon as the episode finished I ran to my laptop and posted in the topic in sneezing in the media. Plus this time it wasn't one of those voice-over ones and we had full frontal view and hhnnnggn!! I was *this* close to giving it away because I was grinning like an idiot and my pulse was racing. It's so ironic that it wasn't even to do with the illness! I'm still buzzing after this, I'm going to watch it again!

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I'd love to see Karen sneeze.

I was so shocked. I was sitting with my boyfriend and his friend and when he sneezed my boyfriend looked at me smiling. Oh my god. It was amazing! They should keep it up! They really should. (:

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Ummm we're not being looked after!

It was Matt again, it's never Karen! sadsmiley.gif


Quoted for truth! *nod*

It did make me giggle when I saw it, though, because I thought of how happy it'd make so many people on the forum. x3

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i enjoyed it :D the way it was so quick (and fake) was both humorous and adorable.

but in my opinion, he needs to get sick!!! cold or flu or something!! i was kind of frustrated with the whole thing in curse of the black spot!

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Hopefully he will get sick, I am hoping. (': and Amy to care for him... And maybe even Rory! AWW would be so cute. :3

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