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Too beautiful not to share...


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So I stumbled upon this gorgeous, gorgeous drawing of Toki and Skwisgaar on dA.


The artist is Gregory-Welter and for those of you who are interested in Weiss Kreuz, Supernatural, Harry Potty, Thor, and Sherlock he also has some amazing drawings of characters from those shows/movies. (There is a particularly lovely one of Sherlock with what appears to be a nosebleed...)

Check him out! :)

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Well, of course I had to check out this artist's Sherlock fanart.

I do believe the guy has a thing for blood.

I... can't say that I'm complaining. :blushing:

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I can just imagine the two of them seeing this, say at Klokikon.

"Skwisgaar, yous looks likes a ladies!"

"Ams not! Yous a lady!!"

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