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Movie Night and sneezes!(:


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Heyy!! So had an amazing time last night with a bunch of my church friends lol

We went to my frriend S's house and rented movies. :)

Anyways on to tha story!

So my bf D and i have been dating for a week now and when we both got invited we knew it was a good opportunity to hang together!

So we were waiting for my friend to get the PS3 set up so we could watch. D and I were sitting on the couch, his arm around me!(: There was like 10 friends there so we were all laughing and having a really good time. We finally got the movvie in and started. we were watching about 10-15 minutes untill D's breath really satrted to hitch.

"You okay?" i asked him quietly cuz the movie was playing. "Yes. I just had to sneeze for a sec but it went away," His breath was not hitching anymore. Then llike 5 mins later he leaned forward his arm still around me and sneezed uncovered towards the ground. ""Hetchseew!""

"Bless you!" I said smiling rubbing his arm. "Hold on theres another one coming," He whispered ""Hetchseww!!""

It was just adorable!!! blushsmiley.gif

Later on when the movie was almost done, i had gotten up to get another peice of pizza. I walked over towards the window and D was sitting there staring at the screen. (he was realy into the movie!) then out of the corner of my eye i saw his hand start to move towards his mouth... but nope.. he was only eating skittles yay.gif I started to walk back over when he covered his hands over his face and sneezed a double(: oh adorable...

Thats about it(: But it ws so cute...

We also held hands and cuddled...and was close to kissing,,, but sadly not yet): Soon i hope!!

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Wow... and what were you watching? Maybe the movie you watched had a sneezing curse of some kind on it.... (it probably didn't, but I still want to know its name :P )

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