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Just got home from work a little while ago. Happy to be in my PJs with my tissues & hankies & watching the rest of "Ratatouille."

We saw a few thousand people come through our doors tonight (sad number really), and while it is often fun to watch our guests: 1. I didn't feel well enough to care & was thankful for only one issue needed my attention all night and 2. It was much more fascinating watching and/or hearing our staff & management in various forms of illness.

Let's see... the first member of our staff I came across was T. She was at the doors when I got to work. Her nose was tinged bright pink and I was able to see her pull tissues out a few times to wipe & blow her nose.

Once I got down to the offices I was treated to several of the same obs from R, a VP. Don't ask me his exact title. We're informal enough that he is just R. Anyway, he kept his door partially closed which he NEVER does. It is always wide open unless he's in a meeting. About 7 or 8 times during the night I'd hear a loud HARSHOOOOO followed by a loud blow & honk coming from his office. The one time I heard him on the radio, you could hear the congestion in his voice.

Our 2nd event Receptionist was sick with a cold as well. I was coming back to the offices when I heard coughing coming from the Reception area. I asked her if she was OK & she said her little boy had caught a cold at school & she caught it from him. She had a box of Kleenex on the desk & I manned it from time to time so she could go blow her nose. Being quiet in the offices because it's a weekend, even in the restroom I could hear her gurgly blows and sneezes.

As for me, I had a pretty rough night. I was really congested for a good part of the night. Once they DayQuil kicked in my nose ended up pretty drippy and I was blowing a lot. I had to make some scheduling changes for tomorrow so I was at my desk when my nose started to tickle. Grabbed tissues in time to catch three wet sneezes in them.

One my way to my car at the end of the night, I grabbed my hanky from my purse and carried it in my hand to my car stopping to blow a couple times. Got in my car and sneezed two HUSCHOOOOOOs into the hanky. On the 15 minute drive home I sneezed again getting messy spray all over the steering wheel & my hand. Couldn't grab the hanky off the passenger seat.

Sneezed twice more while typing this and blew copious amounts of yellow stuff from my nose.

Wonder what tomorrow's event will hold?

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