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It's just the wind


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As requested by Emily, I hope you like it :)

It was early november, and on the Hogwarts grounds were covered in pure crayon-white snow.

Harry Potter shivered as he stepped out on the quidditch pitch. It was his first year as captain and he was not going to bring the team to lose against Hufflepuff. Therefore he made sure they practiced regardless of weather.

"...better than last week, anyway. Hey, Harry, are you even listening?"

Ginnys voice went trough his head and made him realise he'd been spacing out.

"Sorry." He tried to bring himself to focus, but it was as if there was a cushion stuck in his head. He shook his head. The game was only two days away, this was no time to be feeling unwell. "Alright, guys! Let's get to it!"

They all took off and within a minute were focused on their different balls. Harry squinted, searching for his in the grey winter air, without much luck. It was as if the more he tried to concetrate the bigger the fluffy pillow in his head grew. He felt warm and cold at the same time, and very frustratrated.

He began to circle a lap around the pitch, but the wind his speed caused was biting his cheeks and tickling his nose. He stopped abruptly. "Heh-HEHchoo! Heh-HEHchoo!" He sneezed into the backside of his hand.

It was just the cold weather. He was not getting sick, not now.

Determined he brought himself to fly again, a little lower this time, where the wind was slightly warmer.

Still no sign of the golden ball.

He heard the others shouts from above him. "Nice save! Hey watch out!"

Another wind hit his face and he found himself breathing harder. "Heh...Heh..Heh..HEHchoo!" his body jerked forward. He sniffled and wiped his nose with his sleeve.

Pretty soon Ginny was by his side. "Harry, are you alright? I heard you sneezing."

"I'm fine. It's just the wind."

Ginny looked at him in suspicion. "No one else is sneezing. And the chasers face more wind than you." she pointed out.

"Well, maybe I need a warmer ja...ha..hehCHOO!" his body jerked forward so that he almost fell of his broom.

Ginny flew over and put a hand on his forehead. Somehow her touch seemed to raise his temperature several degrees.

"You're burning up." she said with a mix of scolding and concern.

"I'm fine!"

"You need to rest."

"I need to practice."

"Harry don't be so stubborn! You can't practice with a fever, it's dangerous."

Harry didn't know what to respond. His head and body were tired. He sighed in defeat. "Maybe we can quit a little early."

But she wasn't listening. "Harry, look at your hands."

He did. They were shaking slightly. The wind was getting stronger now. He raised one hand, trying to stop the chills, but the effort just made him more tired. "hehchoo!" He sniffled.

Ginny turned her broom around. "Get up!" she demanded. "I'll fly you to the hospital wing."

Harry, who's hand was now twitching more violently, and who knew how stubborn a Weasly could be, saw no use in protesting. He climbed up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. Was it just his imagination or did her broom drop slightly when he hugged her? He shook his head, he was probably just getting dizzy.

As they flew threw the window madam pomfrey comprimanded them. "I have doors, you know!"

But as soon as she saw Harry she led him to a bed. "My, my, another flu-case. The boy needs a Pepper Potion!" she muttered to herself.

At the sound of 'pepper' Harry gave a weak sneeze. "heh-choo!"

He swallowed the potion in 3 sips.

Ginny leaned over him and gently removed his glasses. "Go to sleep." she mumbled. "I'll come back and visit you tonight."

And he watched with blurry vision as she left, not knowing if his heartrate was due to the fever, the potion, or something else...

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yayayayayyyy :heart:

thank you!

you make Harry and Ginny actually work out (something I doubt I can do LOL) heheh Harry flying around on a broomstick in the dead of winter, naughty thing

and that quote you've got there, it's so true :D

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LOVE THE QUOTE OMG! I may use it sometime.

Also, this was so cute! I mean, somehow, you made Harry and Ginny work and you seriously deserve some applause for that! :clap:


BYE! :bleh:

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