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I have known for this for a while now, but I didn't know if anyone would care about it. I decided to share it after all.

Basically, it is a clip from 1950 episode of Ed Wynn Show. If anyone cares about what is really going on, the plot in the nutshell is that Ed has written a puppet play of some kind (starring him and Gloria as the puppets) just to kiss her (isn't that adorable?). The problem is the puppeteer he hired to pull the strings also has a crush on her and will do anything to prevent Ed from kissing her. In the end, Ed gets pissed and shoots the puppeteer. And yes, he got the kiss from Gloria. :D

Gloria fakes a sneeze while powdering herself:

It is about 0:50.

As I said, nothing major, but someone (mostly me) could be interested.

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