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Plethora of Work Obs Part Two

norcal tinkfan

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I am really glad my work week is over. Yesterday & today were loooong days...though easy. I miss having ice & want hockey back.

However, colds are still running rampant around our building. So, at least it wasn't boring.

The VP was in again today. He was so happy with the amount of work he got done. Probably because he stayed in his office again. I could still hear his blowing honks coming from his office. The best was when he was in the lounge watching a bit of one of the football games and I could see him take a crumpled tissue out of his pocket and then he sneezed a harsh HAASCHOOO into it followed by a loud, honking blow.

There was someone new with a cold today. One of our building directors came in with a pretty bad head cold. He also pretty much stayed in his office. His is around a small corner and 5 offices down from the VP. I couldn't see anything & he pretty much never left his office (yay for radios). I didn't time how often, but several times an hour (he left early..."to take my cold to bed") you could hear HUCHUMPFFF (assuming into tissues) and HIASCHOOOOO & HUCHOOOOO down the hall. He made it through a 1/2 day. Was totally jealous he got to leave.

The cold meds I took didn't seem to do a lot of good today. I got to my desk & my tissues were gone. So unamused. Had to settle for the ones we have which are NOT soft. I did OK for the first couple hours. My embarrassing moment came when I was breaking our Receptionist. I was answering a call when my nose starting itching. I'm trying to give the info & hold the sneeze back. FAIL. Just before we ended the call I couldn't hold back any longer and sneezed a wet HESCHOOOO onto the carpet. The caller blessed me & I apologized.

Later on I was at my desk and I could feel the sneeze building. Before I could grab one of the rough tissues to catch my sneeze it was HASCHOOOO HASCHOOOO onto my the elbow of my blouse. I cleaned it up & ended up having to wear my blazer until the spot drive.

Now I have some time off between events to rest & get better!

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you should bring some hankies to work, at least you wont truly run out of them (as you can use them wet if you have to) and they are super-soft on the nose :)

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Unkh... if you managed to get any work done at all, you have my deep respect. :dribble: Good Lord, the distractingness of some distractions. Thank you for sharing! Definitely uncool that someone stole your tissues though. (Good excuse to stride into everyone's cubicle looking for them, catching more good observations in the proces...? :innocent: No. No I know it isn't, but yeah. :lol: )

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