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Waiting room noseblow


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So I was at the doctors waiting room again today, and somehow there are always sick people there. I know, right? ;)

So this one girl that caught my attention was this short blonde one, maybe 19-20. Very pretty with a very cute button nose.

As I watched she pulled out this plastic bag from her purse. It had like tissues, nose spray and some other cold-stuff in it. She started twisting it in her hands, of course having my attention now ;)

So she pulled out a tissue, folded it so that the only part sticking out from her hands was the part above her fingertips (very nice way to hold a tissue ;)) and get several low, wet blows.

She then took out the nose spray and handed it to her boyfriend(?) next to her, who leaned over and squirted it into her nose, she sniffed deeply and leaned her head backwards to let the spray take effect. She said something to the bf in a complaining, congested voice.

Then she sniffed several more times.

It was pretty nice to watch ;)

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Oh Cheez...I love when they pull out the nose spray. I used to know a lady who'd walk around with a vicks inhaler in her stuffed nose. Just holding it there with her index finger and thumb. Great obs.

BTW- docs offices are great for that - so too are pharmacies- especially when the cold sufferer needs to bust open to tissue box BEFORE paying at the counter. That's always the best.


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