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Thinking of writing a story


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I've been muling around a few ideas in my head for awhile I'm obessed with Bones, SVU & Criminal Minds i'm thinking of some ideas they just don't come out of my head i've written them in my mind but, when I go to write it here BANG my memory is shot to hell Should I try writing one??? I also hate not interesting anyone I have A few non fanfic ones as well too.. Lol, i'm rambling sorry just trying to figure out if i should write or not... Any feedback is appreciated :)

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OMG This happens to me like all the time! I feel like I'm gonna write the best story ever and then I get on the computer and I'm like wtf was I thinking.

Omg, my thoughts exactly I think it's all amazing than go to write it and, BANG i'm like wtf was I thinkng....
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