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Sitting in the Library (Self obs)


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My allergies have been hell on earth today i woke up with puffy red eyes and, i'm congested well, i figured i'd take my clariton and, all would be fun (lol wishful thinking) I made it through class without sneezing i went to the library to (study) and work on my paper i was sniffly and just trying to stay quiet I hate sneezing in public I dread it. Welp, that infamous tickle greeted my nose and, here came the battle to hold it in or just sneeze... My breath began to hitch i rubbed my nose hoping the sneeze would subside (or so I thought) i knew i was gonna sneezed so, i looked around to see if anyone was watchingthey thankfully weren't i than stifled two sneezes and waited and sneezed twice more I thannwent back to studying... Welp, sorry if it's so long I tend to ramble at times lol.

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Could there have been a worse place to be when suffering from truly sneezy allergies? not sure I can think of one ;)

There's church lol... Thank Gosh it hasn't happened there yet *knock on wood*
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