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I was watching old episodes of The Crystal Maze on Challenge earlier, when Richard O'Brien sneezed twice during one of them! I thought I'd seen every episode of this, but I never remember that! Anyway, I panic-recorded on my phone because I don't know when it'll be shown again - it doesn't list what episode is what. So apologies for the crap quality.. and hope this download link works.. I dunno where to upload things to anymore!


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A bit disappointing, I feel....

Yea, I'd expected something much more theatrical!

I remember watching at least 3 episodes where he sneezed I think.

I remember an episode where he clearly had a cold, but I don't remember sneezes before! Gives me even more excuse to watch the re-runs! ;-)

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You just brightened my day!

I am in school right now so I guess I should wait before watching it...

I absolutely adore him and the show is awesome. I've spent so many afternoons watching Crystal Maze on YouTube and yelling at the contestants...:lol:

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