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Cold/fever sneezing and caretaking (read if you like caretaking)


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Hey all!

So here's something to contribute!

2 days ago I was up until 2:30am and had to get up for work at 4:45...so not much sleep. I woke up and felt dragged out, but nothing too bad. Then at work I was feeling really, really tired. I even fell asleep during my break, which I NEVER do.

Then I went straight to a game and played hard for two hours. At the end of the game I was feeling adrenaline and pretty good...sore...but just from the game I thought.

Then, when I arrived home with my boyfriend, we pulled into the garage and I sneezed hehISH, HehhhIISSHEEEW,, Heehnnnxt, hehishhh! Then there was a pause and he blessed me. I said thank you, but still felt a tickle...as I swung my legs out of the car I sneezed heeheeeetccchhEEEEEW! Heehhmmmpppsheeeeew! HeeehissHEWWW! HupttchoooOO! He said, "wow, bless you sneezy!" And I said, "yep, I'm definitely getting a cold." (Because on the way home I told him I felt a bit run down, and on my way to sick.

We went inside and decided to go to the beach and enjoy the sunset and maybe swim (still Summerish here). By the time I showered I was thinking of calling it off, but really wanted to go, so we went. I swam in colder than I was expecting water, and the sun went down. So, it got pretty chilly. My bf was still having a good time so I did a quick change on the beach (took wet bathing suit off under clothes) and tried to warm up. At this point it was starting to feel like I had a fever.

The sun went down and we went back to our place, and had some food. I was feeling pretty bad at that point, and getting worse by the minnute. We watched a movie, and I took a nyquil which was funny because I got a bit loopy and giggly. My bf thought it was cute :) So we cuddle in bed and stuff...

That night I had to sleep propped up on pillows because it hurt to have air coming in and out of my throat and I was so congested. I woke the next morning feeling AWFUL. My sinuses were full, and painful (like a stabbing) and my whole body hurt. I had a fever, so I spent the day on the couch....now I will fast forward because there really weren't sneezes till the evening (I think my throat was like FUCK YOU SNEEZING WILL HURT DONT YOU DARE! haha)

So, we went to the pharmacy because I was all "no don't leave me to get medicine, lemme come with you, I miss you" sick kinda clingy. Haha...dunno if everyone gets like this...but I'm a total baby and cry when I have a fever haha. Thankfully my bf finds it cute, or I'd be in trouble in life. :-P So, I went with him, and my fever of 99.7 which was uncomfortable, went up to 100.1 by the time we got home. I was in pain from standing, collapsed on the couch, and my boyfriend got me some water so I could take medicine. Once I took the decongestant, I was blowing my nose a lot, which made me need to sneeze. I sneezed heeennttccheeeew! Heeeppiiisheeeeew! Wet, and harsh sneezes. My boyfriend blessed me. Now, I was sort of in heaven because all day he was working in the same room as I was lying in, but didn't really have time to take care of me and cuddle me. FINALLY he was done and came to sit next to me and I curled up and put my head in his lap :) He was petting me head, and I began to cry (cause I'm ridiculous) and because it felt so nice to be taken care of, and I felt so shitty.

Anyway, he got up to get tea for me and I sneezed again, heeeeptCHEEEW, heesshEEEW. I couldn't stifle as I sometimes like to, because these sneezes already hurt my head and throat. He blessed me, and came to sit with me and asked if I needed anything. He made me some soup and toast. Yummm. Then we watched a movie, and I fell asleep on his chest. hhhmmm. Me like.

When we moved to the bed for sleep I woke up and couldn't sleep cause I was uncomfortable, couldn't breathe, etc. So, he took my temperature, and it was at 100.5. I think you guys would have loved this part, and I totally thought of you....I had to sneeze SO bad when the thermometer was in my mouth, but I wanted it to get an accurate read, so my nostrils were flaring, and I was almost hitching, and waiting, and waiting for it to finish taking my temperature. Then, my boyfriend took the thermometer out of my mouth, and it went away. DARN! He gave me a nyquil, and I fell asleep shortly after.

This brings us to today: I woke up feeling a lot better! I was super happy. I sat up in bed and sneezed immediately, Heeehissheeew! Heetccheeeew! Hupppptchoo! IIIISShheeew! I got up, showered, have been coughing a bunch, but sore throat feels better, and congestion is not as painful. I made a smoothie and cut fruit for us, and this totally wiped me out. So, then I sat on the couch and sighed. He said, "you have to take it easy girl." He so cute :) So I asked if he could get my tissues because I needed to blow my nose and didn't have the energy to get up. So, now I am just flopped on the couch, doing nothing, with the occasional sneezes :) I sneezed 4 times right before I wrote this, which is why I came on to write it. IIIShhhheeeeew!! Heeetttiiiissheeeew! Heppshooo! Huuuupptchhhoooo!

I guess I will keep you posted. This is long, but hopefully you enjoyed the whole picture, and the caretaking :) I'm a caretaking whore it seems.. :-/


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the whole time I was thinking this:

"Awww!!! I hope you feel better and that's totally adorable!!"


"You sneeze in fours??? lucky...."

But seriously, feel better :)

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Haha, I never used to sneeze in a pattern....but in the last year or so, I seem to sneeze in 3s...and maybe 4 or 5....but usualy 3. When I am sick, apparently it is a different story. Thanks for your kind thoughts :) Glad you enjoyed the obs!

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Awwww, thanks you all!blushsmiley.gif Totally made me blush!

Cute bf moment: I woke up feeling better and said "thank you for taking care of me." and he said, "I'm still taking care of you. Take it easy today." EEEEEeee!! I love him!

I am feeling a lot better, but the sneeziness continues! Yesterday I was doing laundry, which can sometimes make me sneeze because if the clothes have been sitting in a corner and get dusty (our apartment is super dusty), sometimes it tickles my nose thumbup1.gif So I sneezed a forceful IssshEEEW, IshhhhhEEEE HeeepppiiiiSSSHHHEEEWWW HeeHeeeeeeeSHHHEEEEW! No one was around, so no blessings :( A similar fit happened once I had returned to my room with the clean clothes, no idea why, except I had a hunch it was because I had just taken my decongestant, and that sort of gets me going to relieve my sinuses. HeeetIIISH, HeeennnxxxCHEEEW, UmpppCHEEEW! The last one bent me over, it was so forceful.

Later, I was in the car on the way to class yesterday (being driven 'cause we carpool) and I sneezed, hennxt! Heeppnkk! It was hard to stifle, but I managed biggrinsmiley.gif. My friends blessed me, and made comments like, "aww" because I had caught the cold from them, and they knew that because we had been joking about it.

Hope you enjoyed!

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No one was around, so no blessings sadsmiley.gif

Aww bless you dear!

Always love reading your self obs, hope you feel better soon

Take care :)

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