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I'm watching Pokemon tonight to find more sneeziness from the new series and found some, and dammit, I feel inclined to make an "official" topic to keep all this stuff in order. xD

Now, I am the (self-proclaimed) master of Pokemon sneezing in anime. It was the first thing that I really searched and searched for, and I have it pretty much on lock and key memorization. I am only human, though, and maybe have missed an episode or two. If you remember something or just want to discuss, please feel free to post!

There are also, of course, the sneezes from the actual Pokemon themselves (i.e. the ones listed here from Meowth). I may post those if I find the time to do so. So, I'll tag it for anthro/furry, just in case.

I'll put up video links, too, if I can find everything. heart.gif

The Indigo League

-Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon (James, M)

http://www.mojvideo....e0553b447eaf9b5 at about 20:36

The Orange Islands

-The Mystery Menace (Jessie, F)

http://www.dailymoti...y-menace_webcam at about 21:14

-Misty Meets Her Match (Meowth, M)

http://www.dailymoti...er-match_webcam starts at about 11:40

Pokemon Chronicles

-Oak-Napped (Cassidy, F)

the whole video, courtesy of StrongestSneeze. (Thanks!)

-Journey to the Starting Line (Gilbert, M)

http://www.mojvideo....7cf45694fcffad1 starts around 15:54

Hoenn League

-A Different Kind of Misty (Ash, M)

http://www.mojvideo....74043d133f3f01d at about 7:40. It's very quick.

-Maxxed Out (May, F)

http://www.mojvideo....22e0ce0f1c6b875 at about 2:04

Battle Frontier

-Time Warp Heals All Wounds (James, M)

http://www.mojvideo....341c912db6d105a starting at 6:34- a little loud, be careful

-Talkin' A Good Game (Ash, M)

http://www.mojvideo....eced69a88f98035 starting at 9:01

Sinnoh League

-Getting The Pre-Contest Titters (Baby Dawn, F, in a flashback)

http://www.mojvideo....828385563cf9d3c starting at 8:23

-If The Scarf Fits, Wear It (Ash, M)

http://www.watchcart...-11-episode-567 at around 20:30

-Classroom Training (Jessie, James, Meowth, M&F)

http://pokemonepisod...sroom-training/ at 17:39, with cold scene just a little before that. There's supposedly one from Candice in episodes around this one, but I'm still looking.

Unova League

-A UFO For Elygem (Ash, M)

http://www.watchcart...-ufo-for-elgyem at 0:29

-Reunion Battle in Nimbasa (Ash, M)

starts at about 2:19


Lucario And The Mystery Of Mew (Ash, M)

http://www.watchcart...-mystery-of-mew starting at 50:50

If there are more you know of, PLEASE feel free to post here! And enjoy!! heart.gif

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You're so welcome! I just updated it with one I forgot about last night xD but you're welcome! I'm glad you enjoy 'em and remember them! I know I definitely had a huge nostalgia attack last night. :)

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Paws, this is fantastic~! Great compilation, and so complete too!

I had no idea there was so many! The only one I can think of that's not here is that "Ice Cave" one that got banned, with Brock sneezing twice.

But MAN! *watches all of them QwQ* xDDD

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Ice Cave! That was the other one I forgot about xDD to be fair it was about 2 in the morning when I finished this and I was exhausted. The whole banned thing on this one though...always seemed ridiculous to me because in my mind, it's easily fixable. Just edit the color of Jynx, get the English dubbing, and there you go.

http://www.myspace.c...de-252/27585874 -there's The Ice Cave, one from Brock at 5:50. If there are any others in this one, just let me know smile.png

There are other illness episodes scattered throughout the seasons, but they're unfortunately void of sneezing, so it's a tad irrelevant to post 'em.

Ah no problem ^^ and yeah, go watch them all xD each is unique and just awesome.

EDIT: More found!

-Whiscash and Ash (Ash, M)

(this one at first was a bit of a mystery since both Ash and the Whiscash end up sneezing and I got confused, but it's all good now)

http://www.mojvideo.com/video-pokemon-351-whiscash-and-ash/9e7c32e22dd79cae5465 starting at 4:25

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Thanks so much for linking all of these!! biggrin.png Hey, just out of curiosity, do you know if any of these are able to be found in Japanese? I've always wondered about that, since I've tried to search for episodes and I can't seem to find any... <.<

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Ooh, in Japanese? That'd be interesting to see, certainly. I know a handful of these gave me Japanese redirects before I found them (particularly the later series' episodes), but I'll check to see if I can find some! ^_^

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That's why I put the volume warning on it xD trust me, it startled me too when I watched it online, except it was at 1-something in the morning. xDD;

You're welcome, guys! I'm happy you're all so happy with 'em. ^_^

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There's supposedly one from Candice in episodes around this one, but I'm still looking.

Hope someone can find it.

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