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So I have an acting class this semester at school and my friend (we'll call him Ant) came to pick me up and looked a mess. The moment I got in the car I was like "Uh oh" cause he just looked so run down and sick. He kept coughing and sniffling and I couldn't help but wanna help him. And he kept stifling his sneezes. He gets a glazed look in his eyes and then "Ihssh! Ishisho!" He says it's because he doesn't wanna bother people but it makes me stare anyway. blushsmiley.gif

And when we got there, my classmate moved away from him saying she didn't want to get sick from him. Well my teacher must have heard her and to make her feel uncomfortable had her next to us and when we started doing tongue twisters as warm up, had her say it like a sick person.

And she kept pretending like she was gonna sneeze! She kept doing it as a long build up, sniffing and making it so much harder for me to watch her like everyone else in the class because that is the kind of sneezes I LIKE. It was just one of the more... interesting moments I've had in that class as of yet.

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Geuh... that's awkward. And hot. And awful. And very nice. :lol: Your poor friend. Of course, the question in my mind is "Did she do a good job with the fakings?" but I won't actually ask it because I'm sure the whole thing had you needing all your attention for acting like nothing GRMSJDRVKL was happening...

Thanks a lot for sharing though!

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