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Clark Kent woke up. He sat up in bed, feeling very strange. His face felt like it had been stuffed full of beeswax and he could no longer breathe properly. Never before in his life had he felt like this. I just need some fresh air, he thought and got up and went downstairs. He crossed the farmyard to the barn, by which point a strange liquid had started to run out of his nose. Going into the barn, he stumbled, knocking some farm equipment and sent up a cloud of dust all around him

"HEXXFHOOH" he sneezed, almost explosively. "AHH-HOOO". "WASSCHOO".

The first sneeze had knocked him almost double, the second had scattered the tools which lay by him and the third had blown several planks out of the barn wall.

However, all of a sudden he felt strangely better. Returning to bed, he slept soundly until morning. When he woke up, his nose would not stop running, although he was no longer congested.

He went down to the kitchen where Martha Kent was cooking breakfast, "Good morning mum", he said, rather nasally.

"Oh, Clark, you sound sick", she said. "What happened?"

"Yeah", said his father, Jonathan. And then noticing his sons attempts to wipe up his running nose with the back of his hand, "Have you got a cold?"

"I don't know", replied Clark. And then, "Hold od, get down", and he sneezed two explosive "HASSSCHOOO"'s out the kitchen window, blowing the washing of the porch that was drying.

"Clark, we have to get you better", said Martha, concerned,

"No mum", said Clark, as he tried to wipe his nose. "I'll be fide."

"You've never been sick before", said his father. "And for god's sake, take this". Jonathan pulled out his blue plaid handkerchief and handed it to his son.

"I'll go get you some more for school", said Martha.

"Thanks bub". Replied Clark. And then, "Achhoo!" into his elbow.

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As Clark arrived at school, making sure to catch his sneezes in his elbow, and needing to get out his hanky for a blow every 2 minutes, he noticed something odd. Half the school seemed to be sneezing or sniffling. It was cold season but this was extreme.

Going in the Smallville Torch office to ask Chloe about the unusual bout of illness, Clark sneezed: "Hasschumph!" scattering books far and wide.

"Hey Chloe, whats up with half th-", Clark stopped mid-question as an odd look came over Chloe Sullivan's face. She barely had time to pull out a cute child's hanky with butterflies on it before letting two sneezes into it: "Het-schoo", "Ah-his-schoo"

After blowing her nose softly with the hanky, she turned to Clark and said "Oh, i feel awful today. Theres a killer cold goidg around school and nearly everyode idcludidg be seebs to have got it".

Clark, managing to control his wild sneezing, stifled three large ones in his elbow:HAP-TSUU, ATS-CHOO, HASSHEE

"Oh do, Clark, dot you too", moaned Chloe, wiping her runny nose with another hanky, this one a floral ladies' one.

"I'b afraid so Chloe", he said. "But I doubt this is ady ordidary virus, what with half the school sick. Cad you look into it?"

"Of- HTSCHXX- Of c- HATCHUU- Of course, Clark", she smiled. "HATSCHOO, ACHOO, HTSCHEXX"

And Clark turned away and super-sped to see Lex at his mansion.

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