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Almighty Handkerchief


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Almighty handkerchief

For blowing my nose

Better than a tissue

You are one of the pros ;)

Almighty handkerchief

Big and strong

Catching sneezes with out breaking

all day long

Almighty handkerchief

Stays in my pocket

Rather than a tissue, you will

run out of and say "fock it!" xD

Almighty handkerchief

Comes in all sorts of sizes

For men they are big and tough

But never once will feel rough

For children they are little and cute

For women, lacy, dainty, but just enough

Almighty handkerchief

will last me all day

And I'm proud to use it no matter

What anyone will say

Almighty handkerchief

For simply dealing with my cold,

You are among the best,

the bravest and the bold.

And almighty handkerchief

You will rise again one day

For you are more elegant,

convenient, and will never go away.

For losing you just would not do

For there'd be nothing better than the tissue

And tissues have their issues, but the hankie will go on

As we, your loyal followers and nothing else to depend on.

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