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Fighting off the worst tickle i've felt in my life


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So i haven't had a self ob in a while but i guess this one I felt i needed to share with all of you :P So i was at work (im a dog groomer :P) and so i work with my boss (also a groomer) and another fellow groomer. So today, oh man I had to sneeze in the worst way possible. It was such an intense deep tickle in my left nostril. I kept rubbing at it constantly for probably 15 minutes. Im one of those people that don't really like to sneeze in public...well depends on the situation but at work, no lol

So anyway, oh my god i really generally have a really strong mental block but today my nose was really putting up a fight for me to sneeze. So after fighting it off for 20 minutes, my nose starts running so I went to the bathroom and just quietly blew my nose and it actually relieved the tickle in my nose so problem solved..or so i thought.

So about 5 minutes later i felt a deep tickle in my RIGHT nostril. My nose was not giving up. But i was able to ward that one away after a few minutes.

So yeah I probably fought off the urge sneeze for a total of almost an hour.

So yeah finally when i was on my way home, the tickle came right back, and i stared into the sun and sneezed a really strong stifle. I felt so much better afterwards

Seriously i have never had to sneeze so badly in my life.

Haha hope you guys enjoyed this :P

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Being a dog groomer must be awesome! When I took my Mini Schnauzer (in avatar photo) in to be groomed, he always loved it...

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Are you allergic to dogs?

im not actually. I have no (known) allergies. It's really like sometimes you could breath in the little hairs that are flying around when you are drying or shaving a dog that could get in your nose so..yeah lol

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