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Down with a Cold.. (F/F)


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Well first of all i am not good writer and my english isnt very good. But i will try :)


It was a normal day, well like always or that was what i thought. I was preparing the dinner while i was waiting for my girlfriend to come from work, she is a dentist and well even i don't really like dentist, i love her.

- "She's late... i wonder if something happened". I said while looking at my watch, when suddenly i heard the door of the appartament open.

- "Mia...? ". I said calling for her and going to the entrance, what i saw there surprised me.

- "Are you ok hun? You look a little pale and dazed... ". I said helping her to take her coat off

- "I am ok... I had a patient with a cold come to the clinic and...HACHOOOOoo...

- "Here". I said while i was lending a pack of tissues to her

- "Thank you hun... HACHOOOOo..". She looked at me and said. "Don't worry is not a big deal...".

I couldnt help to stare at her, she looked beautiful with her red nose and the watery eyes... Well she always looked good.. "Dammit, come to earth Elle, its not time to stare at her " I thought.

- "Lets go inside... you will get worse standing here at the entrance". I tried to help her but she insisted that she was ok enough

- "You missed me that much?". She said trying to sound alright but her voice was a little cranky

- "Of course i missed you...Btw dinner is ready you should eat something"

We sat at the table to eat dinner and i couldnt take my eyes off from her; she was staring at the food and not eating

- "Hun..you aren't hungry?". I asked worried that her cold might be worse than i thought

- "HACHHOOOO...I am not really hungry my throat feels a little weird too and my head is hurting maybe i will go to sleep...HACHOOOO"

- "Those sneezes doesn't soudn good, i think you should take some medicine". I said while standing from the table but she took my hand

- "I am ok...really..." She covered her mouth and sneezed "HACHOOO tomorrow i will be fine again, so no need for medicine"

- "Well..." I know she is really stubborn when she wants so there was no other choice "if you still feel unwell tomorrow we will do it my way"

- "Ok" She then stood and went to the bedroom

When i finished cleaning the dishes from the dinner, i went to check on her.

- "Hun, are you awake? " I said while knoocking at the door, but there was no response so i entered the room

- "Elle?.. " She said almost in a whisper and with her eyes closed, then she sneezed and stared coughing

- "Hun" I hurried to her side and rubbed her back which was hot

- "Elle...I feel bad...and this room is so cold" She was shaking and her non-stop coughing attack wsnt helping either

- "I think you are running a fever, let me go for the thermometer" I went to the bathroom and took the thermometer and some Tylenol and a glass of water.Then i went back to the room and saw her almost asleep, trying her best to keep awake and still shaking like a leaf. "Here.. " I put the thermometer in her mouth and one hand in her forehead, she was burning and she was starting to sweat. Then the thermometer Bepped "101.3, Hun that a high fever no wonder you were feeling that bad. Here take some Tylenol " I helped her taking her Tylenol and she then fell sleep.

- "How can you say that it was nothing, when you are already like this.." I thought but said it in loud voice "I will go for another blanket.. " I took another blanket and covered her with it, her face was already bright red like her nose

- "HACHOOoo..." She sneezed a few several times

- "Sorry.. If I woke you up" I said giving her a few tissues

- "I was having ...HACHOO....a nightmare...HACHOOO.."

- "Poor Baby"

- "Elle..Will you sleep.. HACHOO.. with me?"

- "Of course, hun" I couldnt refuse her with those watery eyes and that puppy look "But you will keep the extra blanket" Then i changed into my pijama and went to the bed with her

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Yes i will probably continue i wasnt expecting to have a few fans 7.gif


Next Day: Day 2

That morning i woke up later than usually...

- "10:30 a.m" I said while staring at the clock, then i heard Mia cough and i turned my head to her "Mia..? Are you awake?" and i got no answer then i touched her forehead and it was still hot, maybe even hotter tan the last night; so i decided to get up and go for some water and a wet towel. "I will be coming soon" i said in a whisper to not wake her

I took the empty glass from the night table and went to the kitchen, filled the glass with more water then i left it on the table and went to the bathroom for some Tylenol, but..

- "Shi.. what a bad timing to run out of Tylenols. " I said while trying to find some somewhere arround the medic bag "I will have to buy some, but i am worried Mia would wake up when i am gone. But she should wake soon so maybe if i hurry i can get here before she wakes" So i decided to go and buy some

The weather wasn't helping it was raining "How i couldn't notice it before?" i was soo in hurry that didnt even take and umbrella. Well the pharmacy was near so in like 30 minutes i was back at home. I went to the bedroom and i didnt see Mia there

- "Mia..Hun where are you?..." I knew that i shouldnt have left like that but stupid me >.<

- "Elle...HACHOOOo"

She appeared in front of me with a few blankets arround her and barefoot

- "Hun you should wear at least some slippers... your cold will get worse if you go barefoot arround the house like that" I said looking at her and noticing that she was pale and had dark circles under her eyes

- "Sorry..."She started coughing "I didn't see you so i was scared and i felt sick...HACHOOOO" she said staring at me wiht her eyes half closed

- "Did you throw up? " I asked worried

- "Yes... my stomach felt weird ...HACHOOO...and my head is all fuzzy....." she made a pause "so where were you?..HACHOOO"

- "Blesss you hun and I went to buy some Tylenols we run out " I said and hugged her "Sorry for leaving you like this" I kissed her hot forehead "I think your fever went up since yesterday you should go to bed " I still had her in my arms

- "Hehe Elle..you sound like a mom....." she said trying to sound like a joke

- "Stupid.. Hun i worry about you and this is normal... " I said with a soft and tender voice then i noticed her weight was all on me "hun...?"

-"Sorry..i felt weak.." she made a pause to breath from her mouth "You are cold honey..and soaked..HACHOOO"

- "Sorry hun.. it was raining outside i will changed my cltohes but we have to change yours too, you are soaking wet from the fever" I helped her to reach the bedroom and left her on the bed. Then i opened wardrobe and took a clean set of pijamas and a clean set of casual clothes for me.

- "hun i need you to stay awake while i change your clothes" I said while taking a towel and drying my hair and the parts of my body wet with the rain

- "Humm.. HACHOOO...I'm still..awake..." She said dozzily

- "Ok perfect wait here i will come with some water to clean you" I went to the kitchen and filled a bowl with water and took the glass of water that i filled before and went back to the room "Here i am"

- "You should change..HACHOO..your clothes too, or you will get sick like me" she stared at me

- "Dont worry hun, but if you insist" I took off my t-shirt and trousers, took the towel from the table and dried my body then i took a blouse and pulled it, but i left it open "Like this?" Dunno if her fever was getting worse or she was blushing "Now we have to undress you and clean that body..."

- "I can undress myself...." she said trying to convince me

- "No you are sick, let me help you" i unbuttoned her pijama and took off the upper part then i took the towel and pulled it in the water and started cleaning her, first her neck and then started going down "Even when sick you look beautiful Mia" I said kissing her neck and rubbing her boobs with the wet towel to clean them

- "Elle.. if you do that my fever.. will.. "

- "Then i will have to take from you this bad cold" I kissed her in the mouth this time after a time she pulled it out

- "Elle..I need to breathe and i dont want you to catch this...HACHOOOO"

- "Bless you and I was already under the rain and i already took your bacteries last night so better hurry with you getting better" I kissed her again

- "Elle.. if you dont hurry... i will fall sleep..." her voice sounded sleepy

- "Ok no more kisses for now" I cleaned the rest of her body and helped her to put the new pijama then i took the thermometer form the table and put it in her mouth "Stay a little more with me hun" I finished dressing myself and then the thermometer beeped "101,8. Like i though it was higher than before" I then i took the glass of water and left the thermometer on the table "Here the Tylenol take it and you can go back to sleep, later i will come with something to eat you stomach will be better then"

- "Sorry,,,Elle..." she said while drinking the Tylenol

- "Maybe i put the heater a little higher its starting to get cold here" I said while kissing her on the forefead and helping her to get into the sleeping position

- "Yes its freezing here...HACHOOOOO" she took the blankets and rolled them arround her and then fell sleep almost instantly

-"Bless you " I said while leaving

While i was going for the heater commander i saw the temperature and it wasnt that cold, maybe i was starting to get down with what Mia had or the cold I caught for being in the rain. I went back to the bedroom and took the thermometer and i measured my temperature "100.1 seems like i am coing down with something" I sat on the counch and started watching the tv

- "Maybe i should eat something i havent eat anything since i woke up" I stood up and went to the kitchen and prepared a hot soup, because my throat was starting to feel bad "I should make something for Mia too, for when she wakes up" So i started to prepare some porridge for Mia too and then took my soup.

- "Elle...Elle..." she tried her best to make it loud

I heard Mia calling for me so i went to the bedroom

- "Hun something wrong? " I asked puzzled

- "Not really i had a nightmare...HACHOOO...so i was scared..." she answered with puppy eyes

- "Oh.. i am here and bless you hun" I hugged her "BTW, Are you hungry? i made to porridge in case you woke up"

- "I am not really hungry..but if something Elle made i cant refuse....HACHOOOOO" she said

- "Bless You. Ok then i am coming back with the porridge wait here a little" I went to the kitchen and stopped the fire from the porridge and put it in a dish and went to the bedroom again "here i am again Mia" I sat next to her "I will feed you hun so dont worry.. Say Ah..."

- "Ah..." she opened her mouth

- "Here.." i put the spoon inside her mouth " How is it?"

- "Delicious but kind of hot.." she turned her head from me and sneezed like 2 times and then she took a tisue and blow her nose

- "Really? Didnt notice sorry hun" I took another spoon and this time i blew it a lil

- "Perfect you are the best gf ever Elle..." she said

- "And you are the best girl i ever met" I started to notice that her eyes were starting to get filled with tears "Whats wrong? Something is hurting?"

- "No.. I am soo happy... and i feel so lucky to have you..." she said

So she ended crying in my arms, she ended the porridge and then she fell sleep again

- "She looks better already than this morning...." I noticed a itchy feeling in my nose "HACHOOOO...Ummmm"

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