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Hello Everyone!


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Hi I'm SilverFox and I, of course like everyone else here, I have the fetish. I like both furry and human sneezing and some of you may recognize me because I am a member on the other forum, "Sneezefurs". I'm kinda on the shy side so it may take me a while to warm up to the forum. I already started posting art on the other forum and hopefully in the the future I will start to contribute to this site. Can't wait to meet all of you. :D

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Hey, SilverFox, welcome to our little corner of the web.

I hope you enjoy your stay and share your awesome art with everyone.

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Did you realise that sub-consciously you chose the user name "SilverFox" because the initials are the same as SneezeFetish?


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Oh, I almost forgot, Joal 555, I didn't intentionally make my user the same as Sneeze Fetish. I made this for other stuff, too before becoming a user here. I really didn't notice that until now, biggrinsmiley.gif

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Welcome SilverFox great to have you on board :)

Don't worry i'm a bit on the shy side as well, but everyone's really welcoming here you'll feel at home before you know it :)

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