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Sneezes between 'Friends?' (M/F)


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Deacon had always been the cute dorky soccer player he was always nice to everyone he had spiky brownish blonde hair green eyes was 5'11 and very athletic he had everything he ever wanted but, a girlfriend the only girl he had a crush on had never given him the time of day and, he was too shy to even go up to her. "Hey Deacon?" his friend Brody called from across the field "Yeah?" he was slowly fighting the urge to sneeze. "Want to hang and play Call of Duty at my house?" he shook his head "Nah man I have to help my dad." Brody shrugged his shoulders and walked away as Deacon headed towards the locker room it began to rain "Damn this is all I need..." he quickly ran inside and, grabbed everything and headed home. He was soaking wet and dripping water everywhere he rubbed his nose and sniffed as he quickly jumped into the shower by this time he was freezing he sniffed again as his nose began to run he felt the tickle build up he rubbed his nose again and let out a vety wet sounding "Hitchshew." followed by another equally as wet "Hitchshew." he sniffed wetly and finished up with his shower and got dressed his nose was all stuffed up by than he tried blowing it but, it only made his head hurt. Just than his phone rang he answered sniffling wetly "Hwello." it was Abby his best friend "You ok bud?" she asked he sniffed again trying to hold back a sneeze he hated sneezing around anyone he got embrassed "Yweah." he said she wasn't so sure at first but, figured itnwas Deacon and he was always the tough guy. Deacon coughed and than sneezed again he was terrified at what had just happened he was hoping Abby hadn't noticed he felt the tickle return his breath hitched and he knew he was gonna sneeze "Hitchshew." "Hitchshew." he sneezed wetly he was mortified as he blew his nose "Bless you." Abby exclaimed she had never heard him sneeze before so it sort of shocked her he sniffed again. "Thags." he managed before coughing he sighed Abby felt so bad for him she hadn't notice the tickle forming in her nose her allergies were horrible she was about 5'1 long dark brown hair and, dark green eyes very thin but, not anorexic she had seasonal allergies she was sneezing about 20-30 times a day she hated her allergies. "You ok Ab?" she sniffed and than tried to stifle her sneeze but failed. Deacon laughed a little at how cute she sounded "Bless you

.." he managed to say (Ok tell me what you think...)

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Abby thanked him and they continued talking Deacon wanted badly to tell her how he felt but, he didn't want to scare her off she was super sweet and, very beautiful and, he was just a 'soccer' player he also loved her sneezes that alone he felt like a freak at times he took a deep breath in that lead to a coughing fit. "You ok bud?" Ab asked geninuely concerned about her best friend he continued to cough as that persistent tickle came back "I'm.....f..i..n.e.." he held back hoping it would go away "Just sneeze bud..." Abnsaid smiling even though he couldn't see her. Ab fought off a tickle of her own but, managed to keep it at bay. Just than... "Hehhh..itcht" "Hehhh..itcht" "HehhhhItttcsht." Ab sneezed three times each time her nose got more and more stuffed she blew her nose and tried to fight off the urge to sneeze again. Deacon smiled but, before he could open his mouth to bless her she sneezed again "Hehhitcht." he smiled again "Bless you, Sneezy." she laughed "Thags." she managed before fighting the urge to sneeze again. Deaco o

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She s niffled "Hey, Want me to come over?" she hoped he would say yes Deacon couldn't believe what he had just heard he had wanted to spend some time with her alone for awhile "Sure hon." "When can you get here?c

" she grabbed her bag and, keys and started to walk out the door. "10 mins.." she walked outside and, headed towards his house "Hey do you need anything at the store before I come over?" he thought "Just you.." he coughed again "No, I'm ok." she knew him better than that but, let it go "Ok give me a few and i'll be over" she hung up the phone and headed

to the store and brought a few thing she felt the tickle return and turned away and sneezed "Bless you hon" a sweet little voice called from across the store "Thanks." she rubbed her nose and paid for everything and headed towards his house and knocked on his door she was greeted by a very stuffed up but still adorable in her book teenager she smiled "Hey bud

" he smiled and turned away "Hehhitchtt." he sneezed wetly. "Sorry..." he groaned "Don't be.." she handed him a tissue "Now blow.." he laughed "Ok mom." She laughed "Very funny." he laughed and than sneezes again "Bless you." she said sweetly "Now willnyou admit to being sick?" he smirked "Not a chance..." he knew he was but, he loved playing the tough guy act especially around Abby "Ok than." she smiled

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He rolled his eyes he wished he could just open his mouth and, he'd express his feelings for her but, he knew he could never do it. "Hey Ab?" he said as he headed towards the kitchen and into his room "Can I talk to you?" he swallowed hard he hadn't been this nervous since the soccer team went to state. "Sure bud." she smiled and followed him he just hoped he was doing the right thing and, their friendship wouldn't fall apart.. After she sat down on his bed he sat down next to her "I have to tell you something." she looks at him placing her hand on his shoulder "Shoot hon." he swallowed hard he wasn't sure how to put it without sounding like a idiot

"I really like you Abby I have for awhile and, I hope this won't ruin our friendship..

" he looked at her hoping she would say something she just sat there he felt defeated just than "Hehh..itchoo." she sneezed "Sorry about that hon and, I really like you too." he smiled brightly "Bless you Ab." he also wanted to tell her about his love for her sneezes but, knew that would just scare her away Ab rubbed her nose and looked at him "Let's make something to eat and, put in a dvd." she leaned over and kissed his cheek "Love you bud."

His whole face reddened he hoped tchshe didn't notice because it was blaming obvious to seen"Hitch.

choo." "Hiiitchoo." "Hiiiitchoo." "Hiiii...choo." she sneezed four more times "Bless you!!!." he exclaimed she smiled at him "Dang, allergies." he smirked he was in love with her even more so now

Hope this was okay Tbc??

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I really like this and think it is super cute but I'd like it a lot more with some more punctuation and better formatting. Then it'd be wayyyyy easier to read. I hope that there's more!

BYE! :bleh:

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