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Unconscious [SPN]


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For my bb sexualoddity :heart:

Dean hears Sam go down before he sees it; the sound of Sam’s skull against the barn floor after the ghost sends him flying is sickeningly loud, and Dean swears before firing off another round of rock salt. The spirit disappears, and Dean spins around to find Sam in a crumpled heap, unmoving.


Dean rushes to Sam’s side, glancing around for signs of the spirit’s return before moving his hands over Sam’s body to check for broken bones. There’s a good sized knot on the back of Sam’s head, and he’s unconscious. Dean looks around again, and catches a flicker of something out of the corner of his eye. He turns, but doesn’t find anything, and when he goes back to Sam there’s an echo of a laugh, and then silence.

Suddenly, Sam groans softly, and Dean drops back down next to his brother.


Sam doesn’t respond, and Dean feels panic begin to rise in his chest.

“Okay. Okay, Tiger. Hey. Stay awake, okay?” Dean threads his fingers through Sam’s hair, brushes his thumb over an eyebrow. “Sammy?”

Sam’s nose scrunches up, eyes moving beneath his eyelids even though they remained closed, and Dean reaches down to squeeze his shoulder.

“Sammy, come on, wake-”


The sneeze comes out of nowhere, and Dean almost falls back on his ass as he jerks away in surprise. Sam blinks slowly, and he groans again.

“Sam, stay awake, okay?”

Sam squints up at Dean for just a few seconds longer before his eyes close again.

“No, come on. Stay with me.”

Dean gives Sam’s shoulder a shake, but again he doesn’t get a response. He looks around, freezing when he realizes what’s covering the entire ground. He shouldn’t be surprised-- they are in a barn, after all-- and Sam has always been allergic to hay so it’s likely the cause of the sneeze. Dean reaches down to pick up a handful without a second thought.

“Sorry, Sammy,” he says before choosing a single piece of hay, which he pinches between his thumb and index finger.

Sam’s nose twitches the second Dean brushes the hay beneath his nose. When he inserts it in Sam’s right nostril, Sam’s breath hitches. The skin around his nostrils quickly turns red with irritation, but after a full minute of tickling at Sam’s nose, he still hasn’t sneezed.

The ghost still hasn’t returned, and Dean knows it could be back at any second. He’s going to have to work quickly. He picks up more hay from the ground and crushes it between his fingers, letting the mixture of dust and fine pieces of hay rain down over Sam’s face and making sure the particles fall into his nose.

The effect is immediate. Sam’s nostrils flare, breathing erratic, and he snaps upright with a sneeze.


Dean gets a hand behind Sam’s back and using the momentum of the sneeze to sit Sam up all the way. Sam gasps, a second sneeze close behind the first.

HTSHSHUH!” Sam groans and grabs his head. “Sh-shit.”

“Hey, you with me, buddy?” Dean ducks his head to look into Sam’s watering eyes. Sam does his best to meet his gaze, but his eyelashes flutter as his nostrils quiver.

HTSHshuh! Hh-SHOO! HihhhCHUH!”

“Jesus, bless you.” Dean winces in sympathy as Sam groans again, this time the sound more pained and congested. “Sorry about the, uh…” He reaches out and starts to brush the hay from Sam’s face, and Sam crumples into another fit.


“Bless you.” Dean looks over his shoulder, surprised that the spirit still hasn’t made a reappearance, but he’s hoping it stays that way long enough to get Sam up and moving. He turns back to Sam, pulls the bandana from his back pocket and presses it into Sam’s hands.

“Think you can stand?” He asks, but even as Sam tries to nod he’s gearing up for another sneeze. Allergic tears fall down his cheeks as he squeezes his eyes shut and whimpers into a harsh triple that pitches him forward.


“Fuck. Okay. You use that,” Dean guides Sam’s hand with the bandana up to his face, “and I’m going to get your on your feet. On three, okay?” When Sam, nose pressed into the bandana, Dean begins to count, hauling Sam up before he even gets to two.

“You sneeze all you want, let’s just get back to the Impala first, okay?”

Dean leads Sam out of the barn, promising Benadryl and tissues and cool washcloths, and Sam looks so relieved at the thought that Dean can’t help laughing. He ruffles Sam’s hair, being careful of his injury, and slows his pace a little when Sam sneezes.


“Bless you. Come on, Tiger.”

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Hey you, there... JJ...


I LOVE this. I love how tender and caring Dean is, I love hurt Sam, I love the way he crumbled up the hay to make it extra tickly (blush)


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Holy shit.

Ummmmmmmm........... Just, wow. I will reread now.

SO hot. So cute. I think this is the best idea. I think VERY allergic Sam who has to be woken up by hay in the nose and then sneezes TONS is the best idea. THANK YOU.

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Awww. Kind of clever of Dean. Bringing Sam back to the land of the living by using his allergy against him. It's cruel, but still clever. He didn't exactly have many options.

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