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First Ob! Okay, so earlier this year there has been a bad cold going around my entire school, (so glad I didn't get it) and more than half of my grade got sick, including our teachers. Well, my spanish teacher, who is around her early twenties, got it. She has shorter dark brown hair, freckles tongue.png, and brown eyes and she is rather

attractive. I walked into class and sitting their daydreaming, while I heard her sniffle a bit. Her nose was REALLY red and she looked extremely miserable. As she taught,

she paused many times letting out a few sneezes at a time. They sounded like, Hihshewww! Hicheewww! Hehshooo! Then, she made the remark, "Ugh, my nose isn't

ready today." She continuously rubbed her nose, too. She also let out a few dry coughs. She didn't seem very congested, however, she got up a few times to blow her

nose. It sounded wet, but not very thick. A

few days later, she got rid of the cold and she didn't sneeze anymore.

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