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Writing a story..


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I've be thinking of whether to post my fanfic i've had it written down forever just muling around trying tonget the guts to post it....Should I??? Parts of me fears it won't be good other parts is like 'Oh yeah do it.." lol the things that go on in my mind lol..

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Why not? This isn't just a fetish community: this is a family of some sort. You know there will be at least a person who will be interested and you can be sure you'll get an honest feedback. But it is all up to you; if you think it's good, you can always post it!

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Something that might help you tip the scales all the way toward "oh yeah do it": look your fic over a few extra times. Polish it, so to speak. Make it pretty for the people. :) That way, you can be even more proud of it. (And you won't have to fear any nit-picky criticisms from prissy old grammar nazis like me :lol: )

Post the story. When in doubt, always post the story (edited to your personal standard of perfection, of course). :yes:

(Also: this is NOT criticism, just a tip for next time: any topics related to your or anyone's fiction, such as this one, sort of belong in the Observations, Stories & Artwork section. Not because of GRAR-rules-are-rules-and-you-SHALL-obey, but because they'll be easier to find that way, you know?)

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