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Sunday Morning Sneezes!(:


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Hey guys(: how ya been? Haha well im sure u all know my bf D lol so imma get strwight to the point!

So we were in sunday school and we were sitting together. He was sniffling on and off and got up to bliw his nose 1nce. He sat back down and out of nowhere he lifted his arm and sneezed into his arm. It wasnt his usual. There was no buldup. Sort of cough like but a lil different... idk how to spell it exactly sorry!

And then afyer church were outside sitti.g on the rails near the door. I was talking to a 5 uear old, C, and i was asking his what day ot was and what color of shoes he was wearing! (Ik random lol) and i wasmt looking:( but he went towards the ground and sneezed uncovered. "Scheww" more wetter than his last one but still no build uo like normally.

I only got two :( but it was the cutest thing!(:

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