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How many hankies..


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I know that it is kind of a matter of personal preference..

but i was wondering roughly how many handkerchiefs the average guy ought to own?

and maybe, why you think that many?

its just coz i only have 5 and was thinking of stocking up before i go off to college next year

note, i'm kind of allergic to tissues.. so other than really bad colds i dont want to use them anymore

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Hi, are you sure you would want to know the number needed for an average guy??

My answer would be 34, or the underwear you possess, multiplied by the number of socks times 0,83. Whatever is more. And that is an absolute minimum....

I have 700something of them, which is my average.

Or just buy as many as you like, certainly if you are allergic to tissuestwitchsmile.gif

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